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The Man Strikes Again

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MollyT25, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Hi all, 
    I recently moved to a new state and got a job offer (in two business days, so really no time to prepare). As I was leaving the office with offer in hand, my new boss dropped the bomb that I'll need to take a drug test. I'm in a creative field and used to live in VERY LIBERAL NYC where I've never had to take drug tests. But offer aside, I'm a female, 27, 5'7', 120, with a super fast metabolism and have been a daily/every other day smoker for almost two years. Luckily, I had been sick prior to interviewing so I hadn't smoked in two weeks. I think I was able to push the drug another week, so I still have some more time. But I've taken several drug tests and I get a faint line. Does this mean that I'm below the 50 ng/l but probably not the 15 ng/l for a lab test? Anyone have any idea how much longer I should wait? I've never taken any other drugs, which makes sense that the other lines are so bold. How long until the THC line is as bold? Will it ever be a bold line?
    And for the record, I realize that none of this will speed up the process, but here has been my regiment since learning of the stupid test:
    1. Daily B Complex Vitamin
    2. Daily Niacin pill
    3. Daily Cranberry pills
    4. Test'n Pre-cleanse tablets (No flames, please. I caved and bought this ish, fully aware that it's not doing anything. On day four of this regiment)
    5. Lots of water
    6. Lots of exercise
    Still don't have a test date, because like I said I think I was able to push it another week. But anyone want to guess what my chances are? 
    Thanks all! :)

  2. Just drink and live normally the days leading up to the test, drinking extra water won't do anything except hydrate you more. The morning prior, however, you want to drink enough water to pee a few times before the test and enough so that your urine is clear.

    Drink PINTS of water throughout the day, not gallons.
  3. Thank you! But what about creatine levels? Do you think I should start adding creatine pills to my daily regiment? 
  4. Sure, why not? Won't hurt.

    You're over thinking this: Don't smoke again until after the test. Drink enough water to dilute your urine the day of the test, and pee a few times before hand. B-vitamins and creatine supplements can mask dilution, but I can't imagine it being rejected because you like to stay hydrated.
  5. Just drink as much water as is physically possible for you up until your test
  6. Yes, I tend to over think things. ;) 
    Okay, I will. Thanks again!

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