The "Man" Just called my HOuse!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by icyurple, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. YO The Federalis are On to US!!!!!!!!!! MAYbe??
    WE are on week 5 with a 1000 watt HPS........does anyone know anything about electricity bills

    weve been doing 22 hours on 2 hours off
  2. you cannot be doing that. You NEVER put a light on a timer. yes they can track real time nowadays. they didnt used to be able to but do u notice that there arnt people anymore that read the number on your electric meter. its all computerized when they see a peak of 1000 wats at the same time every day they can pick up on it. ive seen devices that u can use to keep the watage fluxuating so id look into that. also try timing it more randomly for now
  3. what did they say?
  4. yea, thats probally an important piece of info.
  5. I had people read my meter a few months ago.
  6. if you are getting calls from cops , i doubt its your power bill. however id ditch everything for awhile just to be safe.
  7. cops or feds??? and did they ask any questions about your power?

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  8. they check your meter every month ... thats how they get readings...
  9. well alot of people get caught by elc bill. however why bthe hell would they call you, maybe so u could say something for a search warrent?
  10. why can they get a warrent for power... what happens if you have alot of lizards that use those special lights...? how funny would it be if they raided your ohuse b/c of ultroviolet rays or watever and they find a 200 gallon tank for breeding lizards lol
  11. damnnn dude i didnt know u could get caught like that but whatd they say thats important
  12. hell yeah thats how people get caught when the light company sees your bill skyrocket they start to wonder. yeah why would they call you?
  13. that sucks, if they called you, i'd abort operations dude. Damn, you probably were growing some really good shit from the pics of that kush I saw a couple weeks back.
  14. Yea I was going to say, same thing wiht saltwater reef tanks, I have like 500w lights on my 55 gallon tank and shit so its kinda the same deal.
  15. If there was any one who needs to stick to the 18/6 schedule it is you. 18/6 is great for energy saving. Where do you get a 22/2 schedule? I love when people make up their own shit and try to reinvent the wheel. Just use 18/6 man! Secondly, they can get a warrant for excessive electricity use. If you live in a 1000 square foot house and have a 1000 watt light on all the time or 22/2 as the case may be, they might get suspicious. Switch to 18/6 and that will cut back and save some $$.
  16. it was still never specified as to what the man was calling for ....
    paranoia will destroy ya:(
  17. yo tell us what they said or dont bother makin the thread. We cant tell you if its electrical related or not without that piece of info... bye.
  18. By any chance were you high when you got this call? I've had this discussion with someone else before about getting letters when their seeds were seized. It seems completely screwed that the people who are planning on busting you would call you up or send a letter and give you advance warning.....
    "Hi, this is the State Police. We're gonna come bust you in a while, just thought we'd give you a chance to destroy all the evidence and flee the country first. Fair's fair! Have a good one."
  19. how else would you do flowering???

  20. you always have a timer on or everything goes to shit ... just use your head on when your power is being used ...... the whole world is on a timer ... think about it , when you wake up everyday you start to use energy in your house for a few hrs then it goes down when you go to work for the day then it comes back on for a few more hours when you get home.... in the winter , time it to when your bill is gonna go up for heating the house ... summer , when the A/C comes into play..... i know people who use fluroesent light for veg just because of the long hrs on the meter...

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