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The Makings of a Butane Extractor

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Painkilla240, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Hello all, I want to make a butane extractor to make some good quality honey oil. I have seen multiple styles on the web from using glass tubing made specifically for extraction to cheap plastic bottle with holes, but I wanted to make a good quality extractor for myself that will be SAFE and DURABLE.

    My idea is to go to Home Depot and purchase some piping the thing is I do not know which piping will be best for this sort of extraction. This thread is on focus on MAKING THE EXTRACTOR.

    Which material is best to use?

    Black Malleable Iron
    Galvanized Malleable Iron
    Cast Iron
    [FONT=&quot]Other Easily Accessible Piping?[/FONT]
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    I was reading another forum and found a helpful post that might help others that are in a similar issue.

    Link... Make Your Own Butane Honey Oil (BHO) - Marijuana Cultivation Forum

    I did not find the Stainless Steel Piping so I was curious as what to purchase, I do not know of the HAZARDS when using certain piping through cooling and butane content and therefore I did not want to create something harmful.

    I have done some more research and found what exactly Galvanized Steel is


    This reveal to me that Galvanized steel is cheaper and slightly less resistant to rust then Stainless Steel but I did read somewhere that they have LEAD in it or so and was wondering if this might be an issue. So does the bold me that the final product contains LEAD?

    Also whats wrong with COPPER?
    A: Copper does not rust, however it will oxidize and turn a dark brown and then green over time. The statue of liberty is a fine example of the green patina that copper turns to. Rust comes from Iron and Oxygen.

    Q: Does Oxidization of Copper affect or dilute the quality of Oil?
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    What you have to remember, is the temperature range you're working in when making honey oil via butane. When metals, gases, and plastics get extremely hot, they become liquid. Even higher temperatures, they vaporise. We're working with extreme cold, so any unpolished surface or cluster of molecules that's out of place could be cut off and drip through as it's frozen.

    Considering this, my choices would be as follows:
    1. Glass (pyrex, preferably).
    2. Cleaned, polished metal.
    3. Plastic

    The reason I say this, is because chemical glass is unaffected by the temperatures we're working with. Plastic last, because plastic surfaces are bumpy (molecularly speaking), and freeze easier. So the potential for some small plastic particles to get into the oil is higher.

    Definitely avoid rusty copper. That's guaranteed to get into the oil.

    Also, lead becomes stronger, and less malleable in cold temperatures. So the risk of a significant amount of lead leaking into the honey oil is low, but it's up to you.
  4. Are you sure that the plastic tubing is safe? Because Plastic would be easiest to work with esp. for the price but I want to be sure that I do not get any additive. And I know Pyrex would be best but I cannot find a Pyrex tube but thanks for your input.
  5. Go with your budget man, seriously. The amount of plastic that gets into it is extremely low, especially after a few uses. Just providing options to feed the paranoia.

    Also, I'm outside, and a giant beetle flew at me from the middle of nowhere. That scared the shit out of me...
  6. I guess I got to now go down to the depot :wave:...well its closed now but I am sure it will be open in the morning
  7. What is the best brand of butaine for making oil with? sold in canada?
  8. Vector Butane

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  9. Could Electrostatic Discharge be an issue? It should be taken into consideration when working with a combustible material like butane. A spark would not be good.
  10. Butane dissolves PVC, so I would highly recommend anyone whose interested do some research before they go using a plastic option. Also glass just won't work (or would be an extremely expensive custom commission) because of a lack of attachments and workability. Clearly stainless steel or another type of metal tubing (ie: plumbing) will suffice, however do take caution in using Copper as it will oxidize and these copper oxides may be stripped from the surface during the extraction process.

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