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the magickal realm

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by the rainman!, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. yesterday they barried my uncle ,at night i started smokeing heavey even for the tazz11 ,after hour of blow after blow and meds i came around to all the site i go to nothing was moveing i tryed to go to a new site called (the magickal realm ! stoned out of my mind ,partying lol and just being tazz11 i realy felt like the site would be great but they band me ,saying they didnt think i would be peace full saying i was not coherent ,saying it may have been diffent if they had got to know me ! ya right know the tazz11 ,no one wants to know where ive been or whats in side of tazz11 like that could ever happen ! i am going away ,i wont post again on any site tell they lift the band on me ,so this is it i guess my freind , a freind ask them to let me speak in a post called let him speak! but it didnt happen they said they would vote ,ya right we know what that means ,i am sorry i tryed good byand good luck tazz11
  2. So because you were banned at a different site, you're going to stop posting here??? :smoking:

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