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  1. Me and my buds always get the mad munchies when we get stoned. what are some of the foods you eat after a good toke? whether its fast food, microwavable chicken pot pie, or an unsual food combination i wanna hear it.

    by the way me, and my friend ate some apple pie, cheezits and, drank milk while we were blown today. :yummy:
  2. jack in the box tacos(4 or 6 will do) and a oreo cookie shake, but a liquor store will do with some flamin hot cheetos and a powerade:smoking:
  3. -chex mix (normal or cheddar versions)
    -doritos, sour cream and onion lays, ruffles
    -go to a mexican restaurant and get pork or beef tacos with beans and fried rice MMMM :D
    -mcdonalds, burger king (i don't believe in KFC because of the way they get their chicken, it's atrocious)
    -pbj sandwhiches
    -Cheez-NIPS (not Cheese-its, cheez nips are sooooo much better)
    -mixing cranberries and goat cheese (funky but delicious nonetheless)
    -TGI fridays
    -anything microwaveable (fries, tgi fridays meals, white castle burgers, lean cuisine, kid's cuisine)

    that's about all i can think of (there's no jack in the box or popeyes in my area so that's why that isn't on the list)
  4. me and my friends usaully go crazy and just make an ass load of food. grilled cheese sandwitch with meat and cheese, pizza, milk shakes, smoothies, and of course our fav In-n-Out. they only have those in cali though xP
  5. FUCKING LOVE IN N OUT!!...sux it's only in Ca though, feel bad for the rest of you
  6. Taco bell Valcano Taco
    Anything on the menu at popeyes will do lol
    Milk and cookies
    The list goes on and on my friend
  7. chinese food man its mad good when youre blazed

    lemon chicken with rice is good, as is sweet n sour....

    mmhm i like my chinese!!!
  8. Doritos! Can't stress this enough, In addition the beautiful taste it covers up the smell of weed.
  9. [​IMG]




    [​IMG] breakfast food is the best munchie cure:D

    [​IMG] FTW
  10. all great choices guys....and lets not forget the best stoner water...FIJI!
  11. omg man figi water is amazing well blitz! good shit.
    you can always go for the classic peanut butter sandwich as well!

  12. really if your not gonna go to kfc because of the way they get their chicken then wtf are you going to bk or mcdonalds for, have you seen the way they raise their cattle, all the growth hormones and steroids and shit to get them nice and fat
  13. I absolutely love eating a ton of oke-dokie cheese flavored popcorn. It's amazing. And Munchies of course.
  14. any fucking chinese buffet. or cici's

    that is all
  15. ohh... i was not aware of that. well looks like no good fast food for me anymore...guess i'm gonna have to eat denny's :(
  16. daaayuum

    sounds like some guys in here almost shit their pants when they eat

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