The Mad Lyricists Thread

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  1. Kinda tired of reading the same ish in the "rap battle anyone" thread so imma set it like this.

    Write some slick rhymes and post em up in here. Let's try and keep it to shit with meaning, i ain't trying to see nothing about how many guns you got, or how you bang everyones mom, let's keep that in the battle thread.

    This is where the true talent will be, cause the real shit is deep, so spit the truth or what your think in this thread. We'll see where it goes.

    I'll drop something later on of my own. Here's a sample of what I mean,
    "Raised by game where *****s ain't phased by fame
    Come to the crib, get banged, they take your chain.
    Stay in your lane, Brokeback ain't the way of the game
    My brainstorm is like I stay in the rain
    My favorite was Kane, now I'm dope with weight in the game
    You was hot but can't stay in the flame
    Ghetto pain and windows crack, the fist is like a symbol for black
    Can tell the real by how the real interact
    In the middle of whack my soul sticks to a track
    Kickback records get kicked to the back
    I want big cribs and my man Ronnie to get his
    Child in a good school and know what her gift is
    It's global warming, the world is shifting
    Watching Sweet Sixteen, Bitchin-ass rich kids
    You don't know it like you gotta go the distance
    Whether yoga or doja, we all get lifted in the Game"
    Common - The Game

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