The Lure of Potency

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    To be hung up on THC content, or not to be hung up. If that was the question, it was more than the Counselor could answer. Whether it was nobler to go for the sugars, live resins, budders, etc...Or to just stick with old fashioned BHO or Rick Simpson's oil? And what's wrong with a good coconut oil infusion? Strain out the plant material, sure. What are we, animals?

    That was the problem with these kids today, they grew up in a world of mouse clicks and weed grinders. They didn't know what it was like clean herb totally by hand while you waited six hours for your favorite show to come on. Try watching Bullwinkle high on Angel Dust for ten years and then complain about how tough You have it.

    These kids are too happy today, they are all high on pot.
  2. Your counselor asks you about THC content? Mine just told me I had "fractured syntax and an odious constellation of 'fuck-you' mannerisms." Then he fired me.

    I've decided to self-soothe from now on...
  3. Now you are talking my language
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  4. Only with extracts..only with them can you become as high as the Risen Christ. Assumed into glory, you will run free on the perimeter, the great Up and Out. That is a land of eternal night. Over it, the Great Eye observes all. And there are hounds there, as toothsome as they are ruckus. And the burnt smell of plastic gives away all. And when you finally break on through to the Hollow Lands, only the lines of the world will be left to show the way. Hook them into the Second Ring of Power, and let the Ally spin you into new worlds.
  5. “You can read a different story in alout of different books,but even then you won’t really know,the way it was......along time ago.”
    Waylon Jennings
  6. 19 year old me was looking for dime bags which were chuck full of seeds and stems. “Chronic” was hard to find, and “mid grade” was was weed that was better grown amd handled. All the while I had a beeper/pager on my side and a phone card to use pay phones... yep, times have changed...
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    Mash those roots up. Throw 'em in the cauldron. Put a handful of leaves in there too. If they're the right ones, it's chained up lightning.

    The Logos said not to go into the Temple. "If you do, you will never be happy again".

    But it shone so brightly in the midst of the Garden.

    Ra Ho Tep holds forth the Alabaster Vessel. "An eye to see, and wings to fly beyond."

    The Supplicants drink the Blood of the Dying God, and make the sign of the closed mouth.

    "It is only for them who know..... and we have kept our peace Amen Ho Tep."

    Thus they passed through the Door of Eternity to await the night and the rising of Osiris.
  8. Here's a joke. Advance warning, though: It's not funny.

    Guy walks into an Ohio dispensary, but has to leave his rabbi and his priest in the lobby because they're not registered caregivers. Guy thinks, "I must have gone to heaven, all these carefully manicured buds with outlandish THC content!" After withdrawing all his money, minus the ATM fee, which will cause overdraft problems later, he's vaporizing the most expensive herb in the United States and possibly the world. I believe he's vaping Ohio-grown Chocolope, with 33.7% THC and no mildew (per the stats on the packaging). There's no taste, either, but he doesn't notice that because Ohio law prohibits smoking cannabis; it must be vaped, pursuant to his state marijuana card.

    Anyway, on the drive home, the man asks the rabbi and priest, who ride around town with him pretty much constantly: "Why does God hate me?"

    The rabbi, says, "let me give you a kiss on the kepala." This completed, the rabbi goes back to eating a sandwich.

    The priest says, "you're in the wrong joke. That's your first problem. Second problem is that you expected anything other than a fraud to be perpetrated against you when it comes to 'legal weed.' Here's something from northern California that tastes like peppermint candy and performs oral sex on you from the inside."

    "Wow, that's a real miracle. What do I owe you?"

    "About half what you paid for that hygienic, very expensive McCormick's spice shit you've been vaporizing."

    And he had a merry Christmas and they never spoke of such things ever again. THE END
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  9. Is that what they mean by Californication? P.S. Because if it is, I'm all in.
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