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The love of the city

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Wheres the love for the peopl of city???

    If you have it and you know it hollar loud!!!!!!!

  2. Not as much as I love the Blades of this City... I LOVE YOU CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!
  3. so you love the blades more than I love the blades?
  4. yeah!!

    the cizzy is da shizzy...

    whoops, did I just write that??

    wheres all the love??

    ::cricket cricket::
  5. "its 3 o clock in the morning! and Im hungry so lets eat!"

    ok so its not 3am, but I know you crazy fools got the munchies! and everytime I come to this everloving city, I think of that bnl song :) lol....soooooooooooo helllllllllllo city!

    lots of love to you all!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!


    I said,



  6. I did a search on "blade" and got some long list that looked like I did a search on "Chin" in the Chines
  7. For those who do not know.......... Blades is our name for the mellow people of the city..

    This name was given to us by CRITTER
  8. What's with all the color? My eyes are bedazzled!

    Mucho love for 'da city :D
  9. new to this place!! but i love it here ...all u ppl seem pretty cool!!! Much Love for the city!
  10. lol, bh is feelin colorful..

    and as for the love...*licks pointer finger, puts it in air* yep I feel it..there as always..:D love all yas!
  11. Attached Files:

  12. And if I've been reading it all right, the man behind it all is Super Joint, right? Let's hear it for Super Joint!

  13. Colors are so much better than black and white or black and green!!!!!


  15. Black and green aren't so bad when it's the colors in your bowl. It just means that someone has already taken a hit off the pipe! As long as there's some green left, those colors are just fine by me! LOL!!
  16. you know i luv all you peoples, or i wouldnt be sooo interested in what ya'll have to say every day.

    *hey hempress we'll have to find the giant color buttons eh?

  17. grasscity blades rule :D
  18. Feel the love!!!!!!!!

  19. im feelin it!

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