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The longest time you've gone without smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Incommision, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. I'm actually on my longest streak... On Friday it's gonna be two weeks </3. We're I'm living right now I'm at a friend's house because I need to finish mid-terms then I'm moving out to PEI. I planned on going all out these final few weeks of living in NB but I didn't wanna disrespect my friend's parents and all of that by bringing it into the house. I'm hoping this weekend I'll be able to because I'm getting some jack hair off of a friend so we'll see! How about you guys?!
  2. 16 years.

    Since starting? 77 days. Worked out of state for the summer and had no connects.
  3. Smoked for a few years then stopped for 2 years or so then smoked for 3 then quit for around 7-8 months just recently started again about 3 months ago maybe it was only 2 im not sure.
  4. started when i was 18, so 18 years.
    but i did take a 110 day tbreak over the summer
  5. a whole summer.
  6. Three months, felt sick and dizzy the whole time still dont know why. plus asthma got bad due to cigarettes.
  7. 13 days without fags!
    Gave up an hour ago lol
  8. Six and a half months.
  9. I was sober for three and a half months before I bough just a dime bag and ruined it. I'm a light toker now, I don't even "smoke" I get a little drunk and take a hit of weed so I get fucked up.
  10. 2 weeks for a new job. It was horrible. Out of almost 3 years straight, only missed about 3 weeks total.
  11. I started when I was mid 16 and I just turned 18 in october. I think maybe the most I have gone without weed is 6 days. I Do hold a job good thing there was no drug test.
  12. from when i started at 15 till now (21) ive probably gone two months as my longest break maybe three for work or something
  13. about 5 days in the last 3 years!
  14. 3 weeks since starting
  15. i started when i was 16, so... the longest.. hm.. a day?
  16. Seven months, on-going. See signature.
  17. 15 years then i found weed and regret them 15 yrs i spent sober lol

    Ps im 19 now so for 4 years iv toked like its my last day haha
  18. 16 years...then i started smoking it

  19. Boy that's a hard one. Even when I wasn't smoking for whatever reason for long periods, I never said never again.

    I'm guessing....maybe three years? With a toke here and there, during any dry spells.

    Any time I stopped it wasn't necessarily by choice, but due to circumstances. Either it just was not available or I was worried about random UA's or something like that. Or maybe I was going out with someone and we just didn't do it. I dunno, that last one sounds unlikely. Or maybe that's the reason I can't remember someone like that; they wouldn't have been around long.

    When I eventually started again, I always thought to myself, why did I stop? It's always been a fundamental part of me I think. I knew from the first time I smoked some, that Mary Jane and I were destined to be soul mates. Like that was the thing that was missing to make me whole. :p:smoke:

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