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The long term effects of smoking grass and demotivation

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ski04103935, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Hi

    I really appreciate anyone who can help me with this question, I’ve been smoking marijuana for the last three years smoking heavy at least one joint a night!, my problem is that now I am always lacking motivation the next day after smoking and it takes me hours to get out of bed and get on with the day purely because I never have the energy or drive or motivation as I think this has altered perhaps my brain chemicals or dopamine levels in some way which has caused me to feel the way I do I have gave up smoking it now as I have lost interest and don’t get enjoyment out of it no more will the negative demotivational/lazy feeling the next day in my body be permananent or how long does this take to get better and function normally again? Anyone who can comment I would be so so grateful as it is getting me down and I can’t cope with it no more. Thanks
  2. I would go to the doctor and see if they can give you some adderall. I find that with my mentality, the smoking is a reward system. So the quicker I get out of bed and do my work, the quicker I can get a smoke in.
  3. I also have good results with coffee.
  4. lmao this guy is seeing averse affects from using a subtsance habitually so your advice is to go to the doctor and start usign pharmaceutical speed habitually? That's ridiculous dude. You dont just keep taking more drugs to remedy the averse affects of the last one you took lmao.

    Its up to you OP, but id give my brain some rest my guy. Its an objective fact that cannabis manipulates your dopaminergic baseline, and reorients your brains reward system towards more cannabis use. Thats literally just how this plant works, there is no life hack or cheat sheet to bypass it and no bullshit stoner logic can invalidate that reality.
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  5. Maybe your smoking Indica which puts your dick in the dirt ?
    Sativa is a up lifting high .

    Sounds like you don't have a job ?

    You need to get up in the morning ….. and get doing things that are productive .

    You have to self evaluate yourself and be honest to yourself .
    Is this MJ , your health , you being lazy .
    Good luck
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  6. You gotta find someone in your life worth waking up for. Substances to use only fill holes with time you have to manage. Good luck blade!
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  7. 1 joint isn't a heavy user unless you're smoking an 8th or more in 1 joint at once lol

    If marijuana makes you unmotivated then that's on you not the weed :laughing: most people I know who smoke weed have jobs some of them work 6 days a week..

    Don't smoke if it makes you lazy:confused_2:
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  8. I've been having the same issue. For me, when I stop, it takes a good 2-3 days to start feeling somewhat normal and at least a week to not have the cravings for it. Then again I've been smoking at least once a day almost every single day for a few years now (ever since I got my med card) so that may of changes for me.

    Another way is to do it in moderation. Maybe do it a few times a week rather than every day. Perhaps that can help. Good luck man!
  9. The exact same is true for virtually all recreational substances, everything from alcohol and heroin to Hostess Suzy-Q's. After thousands of years we're still waiting for the first example of any of these substances lifting themselves off a tabletop and forcing themselves down someone's throat, up their noses or into their veins etc. Another objective fact is that some people are genetically predisposed to or at least toward substance abuse and addiction, while other people are not. The substances involved are incidental and not relevant to the underlying cause of these problems.
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  10. Ask yourself why you feel the need to immediately mention heroin and alcahol when a downside of weed is mentioned? Seems like a defensive impulse, staying on topic isn't difficult unless you have reasons to change the focus onto irrelevant substances...

    The affects of heroin and twinkies mean nothing to this mans interaction with cannabis, and nowhere in my comment does any of this bullshit about "forcing drugs into people" even remotely apply. So the only valid or even relevant portion of your comment is that some people are predisposed to addiction and some arent, which was already completely obvious to begin with...

    By the way the last sentence of your comment is entirely fallacious because we dont have enough information to make a claim like that, youve jumped the gun by claiming these substances are bar non not linked to these problems. The fact remains that there are averse and positive affects that correspond to every substance on earth. INCLUDING WEED. Me thinks you have deified cannabis like some stoners tend to do, to the point that you refuse to admit there are downsides to this plant, lmao. There are.
  11. I'd be the last person to claim any substance has no downside. I neither said nor meant it. My only point is that most recreational drug users use these substances responsibly and in the context of incredibly successful and fulfilled lives. A much smaller minority are unable to use any recreational drug without abuse, addiction, motivation and other problems. Again the particular substances involved are entirely incidental.
  12. Amotivational symptoms are a long known real consequence of smoking weed. And yes it is because your neurotransmitters and many other body chemical systems are way out of balance. Most regular users learn to cope with it living in a constant "mellow" state of with somewhat fog and haze, able to do necessary things in life like going to work, doing their job, going to the market, paying bills, making meals, etc. But one won't likely find them doing things requiring difficult creative technical work, difficult problem solving, or learning technical science.

    Those like this person that do smoke and have to do such work and things are likely to be occasional smokers not daily smokers. Statistics show there are 4 times as many just a couple times a month occasional users as regular users. In other words most of us don't smoke daily because we don't like the constant boring mellow state and have balanced, satisfying, productive, interesting lives that is not all about getting high every day.

    So my advice is first a long tolerance break of at least a couple weeks. Also lay off alcohol, other drugs, caffeine. I'll bet you will be amazed how much better you will feel getting up and about. And then for a reward, get some high THC stuff, go some place fun and interesting that is NOT inside your home, smoke a bunch, and notice how much wonderfully higher and more enjoyable a fresh clean high is. Because of tolerance build up, the only way to feel such a strong high is by not smoking for several days between sessions. There are many m-f 8-5 working people that only smoke and drink on weekends.
  13. Let me opine that cannabis can be a mouthpiece for laziness, but in the end I don't believe it straight-up causes you to live a sedentary life. There's LOADS of productive, successful stoners out there. BUT, everyone has slightly different endocannabinoid processors, so what's weed for me might be something else to you. A mellow high for me might be energizing to you. It's all relative. I think there is a certain population of cannabis consumers that have endocannabinoid processors geared towards the demotivation side effects. Sucks? Yeah, but it's true. IMO, of course. Lemme know what you think.
  14. In my experience cannabis is an amplifier, i.e. it makes inherently lazy people lazier and inherently motivated people more creative and energetic. Also in my experience there's a substantial difference in this regard between sativa and indica cannabis. After 40+ years of smoking I still have absolutely no clue what a "body high" is, all I know is that indica gives me the standard THC effect for a few hours, followed by many more hours of feeling neither stoned nor sober. We used to call it "burn out" last century, and for me it's close to intolerable. So I've stuck to sativas over the years, it comes and then it goes, completely, with little or no burn out. Finding pure sativas has become an exercise in futility in recent years.

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