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    Hello and greetings fellow members of GC!
    I am a longtime toker and now I am currently in the middle-ish of my first ever grow, I couldn't be more excited!  I am growing 2 plants just for personal use as a hobby.  I live in the Pacific Northwest where pot is legal, but I still would rather smoke my own stash, just like I'd rather eat my own food  I grow.  Like I said I am in the middle of my grow but it has been a took me a while to get here.
    Last year the week before Halloween my friend stopped by my house and brought me 2 clones from his buddies grow-op.  One plant was a Blue Dream and the other was what we thought was an AK-47.  I wasn't expecting the plants so I didn't have anything ready for them.  All I had at first were two 23 watt CFLs and the plants were like 6 feet away from the bulbs.  I quickly ordered a light off the internet.
    These are what they looked like when I got them and the set up I jankily made.  In the pic with the orange bucket the larger of the two clones is the Blue Dream and the smaller is the AK-47.
    Well I got a light, its a bank of four 4ft high output T5 flouros set at the blue spectrum for veg.  I had the plants under the lights with tin foil around them to reflect the light.  I had a heater in the room to keep them warm, but I didn't put a fan on them so there was no moving air.  
    When I got the clones they were in sunshine mix #4 and I just let them be until they started getting really sick.  I already posted on this sight about the problems i was having if you wanna see pics of the sick plants.  They were nute deficient since I had them for a month and never fed them besides water.  I went out and bought some cheap chemical ferts and they saved the plants lives! :)
    But I was determined to grow them organically...
    So I wanted to grow organically.  I did a lot of reading on the interwebs and on this forum and I would just like to say thanks to everyone that posts and shares knowledge on this site, you guys kick ass.  Anyways...
    For a christmas present to myself I bought a grow tent that was on sale and finally had a place to keep my ladies.  Now they are in a happy reflective tent with a fan on them and I put them in 5 gallon pots, they are very happy.  
    My soil mix is:
    -a base of FFOF and organic peat-moss/perlite locally sourced
    -peruvian sea bird guano
    -sea meal
    -Dr. Earths tomato feed
    The bigger pots and soil have helped these ladies so much.  GO ORGANICS!


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  2. So I was hoping to switch to 12/12 on Feb 1 and flower these ladies, but I cannot order the red spectrum light bulbs that I need until march...
    If I flowered under blue spectrum what would happen to the nugs?  If It flowered under blue spectrum for a month until I was able to get the right light bulbs would that be okay? Or would that cause my girls to hermie?
  3. Yo Giggin :)
    Welcome to the wonderful world of organics.
    Come on over to the Organics Lounge, meet some of the fellow blades and have some like minded people to help you along.  Don't be afraid to jump in.  Chunk is the man.

    Nah your girls are not gonna hermie on you.  You can go ahead and just flip to 12/12 now and go with the red spectrum when you can.
  4. I am one week into flowering and just put in the red spectrum lights.  The ladies are looking happy and growing nicely. 
  5. Hello blades I am 17 days since I switched to 12/12, and about a week since I saw the flowers begin to form.  The Blue Dream has bigger flowers so far than the AK-47. Again, I am not sure if it is for sure an AK47 or not.  It has thin leaves, not fat wide ones.  The Blue Dream has wider leaves than the AK47. Anyways, I am excited to see some tiny nugs forming already. Growing is so exciting!
    Update on my light set up.  I am running 2 54watt HO T5 2700k lights and 2 54watt HO T5 6500k lights. After careful research I decided that i wanted to go even balance of the two light spectrums.  Since this is strictlyfor personal use I think I am willing to sacrifice bulk(red spectrum) for slightly more frosty(blue spectrum) nugs. I am looking into rigging some more sockets so I can throw in a few more CFL bulbs that I have lying around home.
    I will be posting pics by the end of the week so stay tuned.
  6. Im definitly in to watch how your your grow turns out for you.
  7. I think I have a mite problem. That makes me nervous because I am almost 3 weeks into flowering.  Tomorrow I am gonna hit my plants with a neem oil/dish soap spray and be careful not to spray the flowers.  Man I would be so sad if all this work went to nothing because of some stupid mites at the end of my grow  :confused:
  8. mites are the worse
  9. What makes you think you have mites?
    I can see them.  Little bugs crawling on my leaves.  They have red on their back and I see eggs? or dead bugs on the bottom side of the leaves.  During veg I saw some webbing too.  I was just dowsing them with water everyday during veg but not I don't want to soak the nugs. I haven't really seen any problems on the leaves though, maybe just a little spotting here and there. Could they be something besides mites that I don't have to worry about?
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    Here's an update for anyone interested. 3 weeks since flipping to 12/12 and about 2 weeks since the flowers first started to form.  Once I saw the flowers form I switched to a 11/13 light schedule.  Yesterday I added some molasses to the water when I watered.  Seemed like the plants appreciated that as far as I can tell.  I'm going to use molasses every other watering I think.  I am not currently adding any other nutes.  There is some Dr. earths tomato tone which I mixed into my soil when I made it, on the bag it says it feeds for six weeks and by the end of February it will have been more than six weeks so I may top dress with a little more of that, but I can't decide it that'll help or not.  
    Anyways I said I'd post pics since that's what we all really want to do anyways is look at pics of MJ plants haha
  12. The first six pictures are all the Blue Dream and the others are of the AK-47

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  13. Looking really good considering all the circumstances!!! Did you get your mite problem under control?

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  14. Thanks! For the mites I was going to spray this cayenne pepper/garlic/onion/neem oil mix on the plants, but since I have fresh buds i didn't wanna douse them.  Instead I just went and bought a Hot shotz no pest strip and left it in there for 2 days. Killed all the bugs! I am going to put in 2 more days next week and then if need be 2 more days the following week.  This far from harvest I figured I would be alright going this route.
  15. Definitely looking nice
    Hope your spider mite eradication is a success!
  16. Looking good! Get your light as close as you can and still control temps. Hope the little mite carcasses (dead). are all feeding the soil food web!
  17. There are trichs forming on the Ak-47  :yummy:
  18. Yesterday, I watered both plants with some molasses water.  I think that today I am going to go buy some EWC and then make a tea.  Then I'll top dress both pots with about a 1/4 cup of Dr Earths and then water with the tea. I'm hoping that will be a nice boost for the flowering ladies and take them through the home stretch.  My soil wasn't chalk full of amendments when I first made it so I don't think adding some more organic ferts and the tea will hurt anything.

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