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The Lonely Thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by SassyMelassy, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. It sucks being ignored. Sighh.

  2. I got some pussy last night but it only was a tease to make me hungrier. Back to loneliness.

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  3. It does. It's rejection. I hate rejection :(

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  4. welp. I have no future plans for sex.
    I hate it too. I can't stand someone hating me, but I'm sure many people do lol.
    What happened to those 5 girls??
    One of them is moving to Florida. The other moved to KC and is "just started talking to this guy." The other might actually move back here from CO but said "We can't continue this relationship if I move back."
    Bing bang boom.
  8. Yeah but even if they do hate you it doesn't mean they should! A few hate me but it's not because I'm a good or bad person, it's just their reality of the situation or me.
    Don't take that shit personal, cynder. We can't change the way people feel. They do and feel as they please.

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    Aw..well there is always Sassy winkyface. But don't make her move too
    She's taken.
    Bet you could fuck anyway..lmao. Sorry. I'll be serious.
    You had three girls..I'm sure you'll find another 3 different girls soon enough! For now, use your right hand
    I'm pretty sure I could, hehehehehehehe!
    Yeah but these were girls i've already dated, all of em. Shit, the one moving to Fl took my v-card lol. I'm gonna have to actually go out cultivate a relationship FROM SCRATCH! ugh...
    Just tell them that you aren't like all the other guys..you're a nice guy.
    Hahaha..like you even need help getting laid lol.
    Lmao! I was chillin with my buddies today and one was runnin his mouth "I get more pussy than all you guys!" We all call bullshit and then he says "Well, except for Weezey... He's got Cortney, she gets after it." I said, "don't forget Tiffany..." They don't know about the third one. Felt like a bawss.
    But I DO need help gettin laid. I only know a handful of women. Most of them are my buddies girlfriends, and most of their friends are stupid. Never meet anyone at work, all dudes.
    Hahaha Weezey. Fuck all of your buddies girlfriends, you bawss. Gimme details after.
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  17. This girl- she pulls me in and pushes me out. She drives me crazy. Why can't I just let her go :( ugh

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  18. I think i have the worst luck and timing with women. Fuck my life, I guess I just have to focus on myself and make some changes to my life.

    I'm so fucking sick of being depressed and lonely but every time I let my guard down to a girl she fucks me over somehow. Now I seriously don't trust anyone and am becoming more defensive which is bad because I have avoided girls for so long now because of all my bad experience s.

    It's a psychological nightmare and I see no end, not much has gone my way for the past 5 years or so. People are so ugly on the inside I can't stand it.

    Trying to stay positive but I keep getting dragged down. I live in a small town so options are limited and I work in a factory with dudes. I seriously don't know what to do anymore, turned 21 but I don't feel like dealing with dumb drunk chicks. I would rather have a girlfriend but it seems impossible. Being a virgin doesn't help much but I need to care for someone to have sex with them

    Maybe I'm just different than the rest of this generation. .. either way I have a lot of work to do for myself

    just venting I keep getting more and more frustrated at this thing called life.
  19. I don't want to die like my dad- of a broken heart. He was just there - broken and empty. I don't want to be that person.

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  20. got to see her today. fuck, even when she's in a sweatshirt, jeans, glasses, and no makeup she's fucking stunning. and those baby blue eyes, oh my god, they make me melt. I've never met a girl this amazing. It's so fucking hard to believe that this girl loves me enough to be there for me after all the times I've fucked her over. in a sense, we've watched each other grow up and find ourselves. we have such a weird relationship with each other. the way she said some things today shows me she does still have the same feelings for me. but she isn't ready for a committed relationship, and neither am I. I'm going to try to have her over on valentines day to make her a really nice dinner and maybe cuddle up by a fire and watch some movies. hopefully we can have something casual. I don't care if its just getting together sometimes and watching movies, cuddling in my bed, making out. I just love spending time with her.

    fuck, I'm in love. I hate being in love, but being in love with you gives me such a great feeling inside. and knowing you feel the same way about me makes me feel even better inside.

    kinda wish I'd gone for a kiss, I think she was about to when I hugged her. I could see that look of not knowing if she should or shouldn't in her eyes.

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