The Lonely Stoner Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Dreadlocker, May 16, 2011.

  1. This is just a thread for ya lonely stoners out there in the world. I know there are more of you.

    Me, well I live in the forest and the closest town is around 30 miles away so things can get lonely. I am not to sure what folks did before the internet. Its amazing that we can be alone and still cultivate relationships now, and somewhat unnerving at the same time.

    It beckons forth questions like what is the border between the consciousness and reality?

    So for all you blades who are feelin lonely in this big world from time to time this threads for you.

    I plan to spend some time alone in the wilderness this summer, something I have done before. It will be on those stormy mornings waking up alone in the tent that my thoughts will be with the blades, as i struggle to fine motivation to get up and face yet another cold rainy day. That is when i will test my theroy, and post in this veryy thread from off the grid. But the fish will still bite, and the air will be clear when the evening sun streams through the tail edge of the storm.

  2. Damn I bet you'd be one creepy backwoods motherfucker without this here internet...makes me apreciate a simple trip to sevs and the half dozen people i'll run into and never see again.
  3. What is your theory?
  4. im a lonely stoner by choice

    smoke ounces to the face

    ocassionaly ill bring people over and burn down though usually on the weekends but most people dont get invited back.
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    Diddo and I live in the City
  6. wait ...wait what?
  7. My theroy is more aligned with ray kurzwiel then it is with down south cookin (not that i dont like fried aligator)

    i basically think that in 50-60 years people will come to adopt online interaction to be as "real" as normal interaction"

    I think lonelyness is a condition of the soul, and it can only be aided or masked by a digital collective conscious, like anti bacterial ointment on a small wound. it can prevent the infection, but its up to the body to heal.
  8. I live in a well populated neighborhood but i am also a lonely stoner. i love getting high by myself and just doing wat i like to do. no one to say anything to me. just kick back relax light the bong and worry of no one else but myself
  9. im not sayin i dont have friends and people i love, i just am 100 percent content with just myself.
  10. hell yeah its better this way. and if you wanna talk all you gotta do is hop on gc and speak with similar minded stoners
  11. Man i know this is like the fourth time I brought up shrooms tonight, my bad.

    But taking shrroms changed that for me. After my first trip I quit smoking weed for a month and wanted nothing more than to be close to people. Human fuckin contact.

    Shoulda seen how happy I was to see the dentist the next morning, no joke.
  12. ray's theory on the singularity is much more complex than this, and it's usually said to happen in 25-30 years :smoke:
  13. word. i dont need anybodys presence to make me have a better day. of course some late night pussy wouldnt be too bad:D
  14. heck yeah, i mean im pretty popular in my area just because of word of mouth everyone hears stories of me burning down ounces in a night with one person or so and then everyone wants in

    therefore my select few tokebuddies are very old friends.
    i still smoke with my first potbuddy every weekend
  15. Nice. Loner stoner here! I'm the only literal loner I know around here. Pretty crazy, and I live in the middle of teen city!

    How the hell did I get like this? :laughing:
  16. i know its more complex, im not to sold on his complexity, more the general concept.
  17. i seriously lol'd this is pretty much my life story once i get home from work.:hello:
  18. I actually like smoking alone for the most part

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