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The Lone Stoner Effect

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IamODESE, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Folks usually get on the weed train in elementary or high school.

    Most folks do it like they would a party thing. A cool thing.

    However, as time passes, a few folks are left behind.

    These folks don't get high for the sake of a good time (albeit, that's a plus), they do it for the mind. It's more than just fun and games. It's a better way of thinking. A better life.

    The problem is that being in this situation, those like me, are often left lonely as there doesn't seem to be enough people to respect the plant.

    It's almost like flying with pups.

    How do you deal with it?
  2. By realizing that people simply do not understand for the most part and when someone does it's a breath of fresh air
  3. learn about things other wouldn't dream of thinking about, satisfy my undying satisfaction for knowledge, watch superjail, smoke more, chill, play guitar
  4. man i was in the loner stoner effect for like a little bit then i said fuck that shit i cant do that for years. when school started i started hangin out with a bunch of people again. but when i was chilling alone i was plotting how to become rich and studying my ideas to see if it was possible to come through . i was studying fish and plants . you could also read up on take up a passion forrr something. like art or a sport or anything

    edit-if you take up a hobby, theres bound to be clubs around for your hobby then u will have friends.
  5. Ya man i feel you for sure that's what i feel.. Nowadays id rather just chill and philosophize rather than xbox or partying which used to be the post smoking routine.. Try hangin with some older tokers, enjoying nature or getting a girlfriend that smokes..

    I like with the flying with pups thing.. it bothers me when people smoke and they act like thats an excuse to act like a dumbass or to be immature and loud, sure its fine within reason i mean hell we all do to some degree but if people were to focus that energy elsewhere they'd enjoy the herb so much more..
  6. That's the problem with weed, it opens your mind to a whole new realm. Yet you feel no one else is seeing the same way, it's a sad feeling indeed. I feel this all the time.
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    i guess im kind of backwards from this. when im alone i just chill, watch tv, play video games, or do whatever. when i get with a group of friends we always sit in a circle the entire night and talk. we move the circle to a different spot every once in awhile, but talking is all we do.

    edit: i dont think i get the "weed opens your mind to a whole new realm" thing. yes, it does offer a different way of thinking, but i guess for me personally its just not that extreme. certain kinds of fungus opens my mind though!
  8. Maybe it's just who we are as a person, maybe that way of thinking is already there and pot just speeds up the process to reach it. It's probably a bit selfish and self centered on my part to assume it has the same effect on me as everyone else.
  9. i feel the same way i love working on projects alone when im high, although i take forever
  10. I get on grasscity to talk with people like yourself and keep everyone company while I learn and contribute to conversation :)

    Im not really a lonely stoner, I've converted nearly ALL of my close friends to herb (roomie, girlfriend, and best friend of 6 years included). But I know your pain bro.
  11. X2, except I would say marijuana unlocks your mind to new ways of thinking instead of adding to whats already there.
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    Theres messages being sent and the only way to perceive the vibrations is in isolation.You need focus, to tune in, its like doing homework. You are missing out on the great mind effects if you Arent alone and stoned...its great it really is, ya can get a lot higher, well maybe not higher but out there; thats what its all about is elevating above your normal cinderblocked jailcell...we are in an infinite universe lets experience it through our minds because thats the only way there. ya not gunna get anywhere by being distracted by illusions, that is when you are having a good old time with friends.

  13. When im high alone im dumb as shit. When im with my friends thats when my brain starts working. I know how to remember shit, i always put it in my phone under drafts. I learn more each time.
  14. I guess there's some people who like to better themselves and some who don't.

    When I'm high, it's pretty much like cheating life because I'm so much better at everything. It's the closest thing I have to Super Saiyan mode. Next to Adrenaline and Cannabis+Adrenaline.

    Smarter, stronger, faster, better.

    Does anyone else here have the ability to kind of get high by focusing? Sometimes when I'm low, I can focus on whatever I'm doing and just try to remember what it's like while I'm high. Doing this, my music sounds almost the same.

    I guess it's just meditation. Though I don't do that so the closest thing for me is being high.
  15. i first started smoking only because of my horrible anxiety, but as time passed I became of a different part of myself that the green could only bring out. I still have bad anxiety and continue to smoke because of stress and other things but when I smoke I become a much more free, happy, and peaceful person. I usually rage about everything because of stress and worry but when Im high I space out and read and think about things like beginning of human existence and what all crazy things other stoners think about. But when I smoke I do go off into my own personal world and become a bit lonley butIts all good. I love my green.
  16. I used to be a heavy social smoker. I would smoke with a few different people a day and smoke extra at parties. In the last year though I have switched to puffing alone 99% of the time. When I'm alone I can fully appreciate the high. When I smoke with other people now, I get all awkward and quiet. It doesn't bother me, I just keep my smoking to evenings or days when I don't have to interact with too many people. It's all good because I smoke way less than I used to.
  17. I just got to vaporize with the most awesomest girl today. She even pitched in.
  18. Dude I defiantly understand this. Whenever im high i think of all the problems in the world and how fucked up America is and people just kinda blow me off for it.

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