The Lone Gunmen

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  1. Please tell me im not the only one who knows about this gem. It was an x-files spinoff that was actually good but only had one season sadly. It aired some time around 2001 or something like that. The show is about the lone gunmen (same characters and actors from the original x-files) finding out about conspiracies and publishing them in their own newspaper. Its not as dark as the x files however and does feature more humor which is a great change of pace, but still has plenty of thrilling covert ops moments. Fun fact: the first episode of the lone gunmen features a story about terrorists that want to hijack a plane and crash it into the world trade center (the twin towers). That episode aired a week before 9/11. Coincidence? Probably. But its pretty funny that a show about conspiracy theories predicted 9/11. Either way its a really charming show and its only got one season so what do you have to lose? If you liked the lone gunmen in the xfiles then you will love this series.[​IMG]

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    By the way the episodes are available on youtube and i think thats the only place youll be able to find them honestly because its a pretty obscure show. Heres the pilot episode just watch the first few minutes and see if you get hooked. Im rewatching it for the first time since it came out and its just as charming now as it was then

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