The Lives of Universes

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Richard Dawkins - Applying Darwinian Evolution to Physics[/ame]

    Because science is so spiritual...
  2. Science will reach a point in the not to distant future where it is more "religious" than the church is. Science is a God in itself these days. People can't seem to grasp how well science and spirituality go together. Most mystic occult teachings go perfectly hand in hand with science.
  3. i was once religious and it led me away from spirituality, science has literally helped me find myself, and of course they coincide

  4. Science is the complete antithesis to religion.
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  7. the day the science becomes based on dogma, superstition and unquestioning faith... it wont be science anymore
  8. Exactly. +Rep

  9. You hold the ignorant view that most people (including mostly religious people themselves) have of religion. They read the texts as if they are literal stories, to which there is no grounds of logic or science involved. When you can read between the lines, the teachings are all logical and in most cases scientific. Some of them are "unknowable" in the physical senses, but it's the same as making a blind man believe theres such a thing as color and light, just because he cannot see it doesn't mean it's not there. The same goes for people who are "clairvoyant", it is impossible for them to show most people the reality of it, and there are many impostors out for wealth, but you will not fully know it until you've experienced it yourself. When science comes so far to begin scratching the surface of the "unknown" then people will acknowledge it.

    For the time being, the fact that ancients had a basic knowledge of what quantum physicists are verifying just recently is enough for me to have "faith" in certain things I have not yet experienced myself, and it cannot be knowledge and is only taken in theory until it is seen first hand.

    Just because you aren't able to grasp it yet, doesn't mean it's not real.
  10. sounds like somebody hasn't been eating their wheaties lately.....

    why is it that these "words" always seem to arise when i see the words of skeptics boldly written with no just emotion behind them at all
    just lack of faith


    dude have you ever really asked an unquestioning question?

    why don't you start looking within yourself instead of towards external solutions
    and perhaps then you won't have to call "DOGMA"
    anytime faith is brought into the arguement
    i'm more of a scientist than you will ever know(trust me or don't)
    but you don't see such skeptical inquiries coming out of my throathole

    so if you still don't understand where i'm coming from than good, you aren't supposed to

    that's why it's called faith
    you can't leech off of everybody elses
    you have to find your own
    good luck
    to each their own;)
  11. like blind sheep following the sounds of each others suffering to the slaughter
  12. and just for the record guys
    (even tho my rep means nothing)

    i don't neg rep just anybody
    in fact even when i disagree strongly with somebody's comment i will still plus rep them
    and include a comment about where (in my mind) they fucked up

    you guys bible bashing when you obviously have no background knowledge on the subject is
    scientifically utterly

    whether you are men/women of faith or not
  13. and just for the record of keeping records
    and for the sake of being an asshole and getting my post count up when necessary

    i don't have any background knowledge on the bible or any faiths for that matter
    yet i still feel compelled to point out the flaws in your logic

    if you would just open your minds a little you may be able to release your pretentious aggressions
    and see through the socalled "DOGMA' or "superstitions" that go hand in hand with faith

    reality isn't always what you think it is my friends
    in fact from my experience

    just when i feel like i've got it all figured out
    the next obstacle presents itself

    which is why i turn my logical thought process towards faith in an INFINITE cyclic existence
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    This is interesting, I recently started pondering whether universes themselves go through evolution. Especially when considering the cyclic model of cosmology, if collapses and resurgences of universes is simply a common, albeit extremely long process of nature, then it would make sense that these universes would go through some form of evolution.

    There are a number of questions I have for this theory, however. What causes the failure of an erupting universe? If the system responsible for developing the universe wasn't right enough to set it forward, how would that system exist in the first place? From a previous universe? If the previous universe worked, why did the next one fail?

    If the last one fails, how does the new one work - this is specifically important I feel especially in regards to entropy.

    Perhaps I should keep in mind, that many physicists agree that physical laws in separate universes could be completely different than ours. So in the end, I think these are questions that will remain unanswered until we can somehow get an understanding of another universe's physical laws.


    Trismegistus, the view you hold is the same view the catholic church had until the 1800s. The same church that persecuted and hung scientists. There needs to be an absolute and complete separation of religion and philosophy from science.
  15. :confused::confused_2::confused:
    so scientists shouldnt be skeptical?

    this is not how science works

    first of all i have background knowledge on the bible, and secondly i never bashed the bible in this thread...

    its the 21 century...ppl have been acknowledging science for a long time now
    what else has accomplished more at "scratching the surface of the unknown"?
    but it certainly doesnt mean i should believe in it
  16. Science is not a "God" or whatever religious name you want to try and label it. Faith is having belief in the unknown. Science of all areas answers questions, because logical and rational thinking allows us to understand this. For example, take the basic equation to find velocity. It doesn't matter what "words or numbers" we use to describe/assign to the variables. Here to there and how long it took, it just fucking makes sense!!

    To label science as a religion is simply appalling. Please do not take this personal at all but people who say that make me sick (just my opinion). Science is the answers to how and religion is to why, they are COMPLETELY different. Religion doesn't explain anything but rather puts unknown answers is a higher form of some kind.

    "Why?" does not need to be known, because our "why" is nothing more than just experiencing the universe. I mean what is the "universe" when there is no science to explain it?

  17. It would seem like it, but he actually has a point if you apply it to the most recent and advanced areas of science.

    Quantum physics is so fucked up.
    brief quantum physics lesson
    when particles are being measured, they are in a definite place
    when not being measured, they are in a "blur state"
    when they are being measured, where they appear depends on probabilities of various locations from where the "blur state was"
    so they can teleport.
    experiments have been done and particles have moved through solid lead

    Also, sometimes light acts like a wave without measuring and like a particle with measuring
    (particles go straight when shot thru a hole, waves spread out on the other side of the hole)

    Also2, if you look closer at skin, you see cells. look closer, you see inside the cells. closer, you see particles. closer, you see a central nucleus and electrons.
    Turns out that every particle is only about .1% actually there, since the nucleus is like 100 times smaller than the particle and the electrons are even smaller.

    science is faith, nothing is where it is, light knows you're watching, matter isn't really there. reality is faith
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    Relevant I feel.

    [ame=]YouTube - Michio Kaku on String Theory 1[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Michio Kaku on String Theory 2[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Michio Kaku on String Theory 3[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Michio Kaku on String Theory 4[/ame]

    Edit: forgot one
  19. michio kaku good man

    and for the guy who doesn't have to believe anything

  20. If everything in the universe is made up of energy, and if god is nothing but pure energy, perhaps they're linked?

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