The Little Prince

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  1. Let me start off by telling you guys a little about myself. I am 19 now and during the phases of a youngster till now I am going through changes. Like a snake in the grass, life can change in an instant.

    My childhood has never been picture perfect, or "normal". My family never knew how to love, and looking back at it now, my parents acted out of sympathy, not love. I dont know exactly how they got together or what their conflict was but our family relationship had an invisible wall between each other, but we didnt say anything or act upon it.

    Growing up I tried to ignore these facts and what my eyes have witnessed. I guess I can say it made me stronger growing up, but the one thing I didnt realize was that I have bottled up and hid a lot about myself. It would just be depressing. I guess I never wanted to look weak.

    However living like that, and even your best friends not knowing what you've been through can cause conflict. "Lack of communication is the cause of conflict in society".

    Its been about an year now since my life has changed for the worst. I left my girlfriend, then left one of my best friends place which I have been living after the girlfriend issue and now I am back at my mom's. Sad thing is, they don't know why or what is causing me this way and even now I still dont intend to tell them.

    For the past couple of weeks depression kicked in. So many thoughts inside my head which made it hard for me to go to sleep or even stay asleep. In a way I am typing this right now to get things off my mind, and to let somebody or someone know a little about me.

    In desperation to keep my mind off things, I picked up a book and that was "The Little Prince". I dont know why I chose to read it but I am glad I did. Couldnt stop reading it till the end and the meaning of the book hit me hard.

    What I have been going through and still going through was portrayed by this short literature. Explained a lot and got me thinking a bit. Helped me ease away from some of my denials as well.

    I don't want to ruin this book for you guys if you havent read it, but coming from a guy who hasnt read a piece of literature in years, it really was a satisfying read. Also gives you insight. Hope I didnt bore you guys with details and a little history of me, but I know there are others out there who are wearing the same shoes I am. So give it a read blades and take it easy.
  2. thanks for sharing man. good luck with everything. pm if you wanna talk to someone.
  3. I have it on my bookshelf. A therapist gave it to me once as a going away gift... Still haven't read it sadly enough :(

    maybe I'll break it open this weekend.
  4. The little prince is one of the best books I have ever read
  5. Read it in my high school French class it was in French but the meaning was still there
  6. My all time favorite book. I have given this book as a gift to anyone who has become a good friend. I'm rereading it now in Spanish (just to help with the language) because I'm so familiar with it.

  7. Good book, though I doubt I'll be reading it again any time soon.

    I must've read it 3-4 times for school (switched schools a few times). Last time I read it was about 3 years ago, I believe.

    I recently read Vol De Nuit (Night Flight) which is also by St-Exupéry and thought it was excellent. I would definitely recommend it. It's a fairly simple read.

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