the little people

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Trouble, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. I was chillen with my boyz one night we're extreamly fuckin high and they mixxed it with somethin anyway I was sittin thier and I thought thier was a fuckin leperocon drinkin my 40 I was buggin out till my friend busted a empty bottle against the back of my head to bad i just stood up and laughed my ass off I been seein leperacons everytime I get high since 94 aint that fucked up now I just offer him a puff on the blunt and chill
  2. haha leprechauns

    hope you n the lep's have a good st. patricks day ;)
  3. Damn man thats some crazy stuff.. I wish I could fuckin see shit when I get high..
  4. the only time i saw shit when i had smoked some grass was when it was laced w/ pcp, and when it was laced with raid. '
    salvia gives good visuals too tho, so try that

  5. hey can u acthually c things that aint there on weed and hash....?
  6. hahaha thats hilarious! its probley because when you are stoned, your mind always associates being stoned, with lepercons! hehe!
  7. thats salvia shit man:D. i usually lay down while on salvia, but when i do walk around i always feel as if little people (and i mean little, like 6" tall) are following me around. when you dont know its a drean it can be scary as hell!!:eek:
  8. Leprechaun in the Hood, BIOTCH!!!

    "a friend with weed is a friend indeed"
  9. ever think that maybe the leprechauns are real and u just cant see them until u r in the right state of mind?

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