The 'little brush that comes with the magic flight launch box' appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by haz155, May 8, 2011.

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    Thanks for making my keef so accessible.

    praise Jah :smoke:

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  2. lol i know the brush is perfect, i love it
  3. Love the little things :smoke:
  4. just heard Magic flight are bringing out the 'little brush' v2 around Christmas time :eek: I can't wait.
  5. One time I got too high and thought that if I soaked the brush in alcohol first, it would remove the crud from the MFLB quicker, but then I forgot that I had used it for that purpose and used it to try to scoop kief out of my grinder. I didn't notice until it was too late that my kief was going to be absorbed into the brush, and a minute later I had no kief in my bowl and a brush full of inaccessible kief. 4 hours later I had a hardened brush filled with QWISO. Well you know what's amazing? I somehow managed to slide the majority of the little QWISO nugget off the brush! I probably smoked a couple brush hairs, but I'm fine with that.
  6. if you ever need more, they are just flux briushes. like $0.83 for a pack of 3 at home depot. i've only seen the half inch ones though, i think the MFLB brush is 3/8 or 1/4.
  7. flux brushes are cheap and easy to cut down to the bristle length to the length desired. personally i use the lil brush that came with my facial grooming kit. same basic idea though.
  8. I use the little brush that came with my electric razor too! I thought i was the only one! But i do like the one that came with the MFLB better, the bristles are stiffer and also thinner.

    But now i have both :hello:
  9. buying an electric razor>buying an mflb
  10. can someone with an mflb please add me. i just got a new one and im having problems with the batteries
  11. i love that little brush i use it for so many different things when i rarely use my MFLB anymore
  12. Why would you ask people to add you instead of going to the vaporizer club on here or using google which would probably lead you to find with a 500+ page thread on the MFLB..
    You can obviously use a computer, I don't see your problem.
  13. dude its all the Mids people are smokin, makin them all newb
  14. i use a two piece grinder, and i always used the little brush to get all the little specs out.

    best shit ever

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