"The liquid stuff" detox drink

Discussion in 'General' started by bobgnarley1212, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. does this shit work for lab UAs?
  2. need help asap
  3. he needs help!
  4. OMG call 911
  5. police fire or ambulance?
  6. It doesn't matter, just hurry!
  7. im sorry
  8. now now, lets not tie up them lines over there at 911, 311 for non emergencies!!!!
  9. Do some research and you will find the answer......aw fuggit it will work to detox you but all labs test for the shit...the minute they detect even a trace of it they lower the count number of the thc in your sample from 50 down to 15 meaning your gonna get fucked. also if you think your gonna drink tons of water to flush out think again they can tell that too and will drop your count range down to 15 also you can die from drinking too much water ...a little less know fact. good luck sucker. ;)
  10. the liquid stuff didnt work for me

    the stuff tablet works fine for all tests though, comes with pre detox pills too

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