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  1. Hey guys just thought id post some pics of my first grow. Please share any advice and leave any questions if your interested in how i set everything up. BTW it was all FREE I HAVENT SPENT ANY MONEY ON THIS STUFF!! Anyways heres the pics:)


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  2. Looking very good so far, I'm doing a similar grown in 16 oz solos as my first run. How many watts of cfl are you running?

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  3. Its hard for me to tell theyre all recycled bulbs but there are for that i think are 100w replacements and 4 that are 60 or 80
    Nice grow man! I think you can lower your lights a bit closer to the plants.
    What strain are you growing, or bagseed?
  5. its bagseed but i got it from the dispensary. I think most of them are pure truth, but there are a couple mystery seeds. 
  6. about time to transplant, or 12/12'em ya think? I would
  7. Nice grow, going to flower with CFLs too?
  8. Are you gonna transplant them or finish in the solo cups?
  9. i just transplanted 6 of the bigger ones into 1 gal pots.i also re arranged the feng shui of my little studie so im hoping these plants like the new change. A day or two ago I topped a few of the plants and today I decided to FIM the biggest one ant two of the other big ones. im realizing now that ive made alot of mistakes and i kind of wish i would have kept a journal or at least taken pictures during the process. Oh well im hoping that as my first grow this will be a great learning experience! Oh, and, hey i was also curious as to when i should start them on a 12/12. There are Pronounced "stipules" growing on all of my plants which leads me to believe they are ready to start a light cycle change but I am a little ignorant to the flowering process, seeing as this IS my first grow.. Im afraid that there is not enough foliage and that the stems are not large enough for colas that are big and robust, at least not without them falling over. If any of you guys have more advice im always looking for mentors. Ill make sure to post pics in the morning but Just thought id give you guys an update:)
  10. AAAANDD Heres the pics!:) IMG_20141113_102121668_HDR.jpg

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  11. verrrrryyy nice. coming along quite nicely indeed. subbed. :smoke:
    Don't worry at all about it... for $0 (electricity excluded) you're going to get some great knowledge and _some_ amount of good times out of it. Win win, as they say.
    As for when to 12/12... whenever you want. If you have space restrictions (esp height), you might read up on the strains to see what you're up against and if you should flower early to limit overall size. You can also google for comparable grow journals, or just read up on common wisdom of the 'flowering stretch'. Of course your container size or lights might limit you before any of that. Like I said, it'll be a great learning experience.
  13. Yeah, I feel that a lot of first time growers put way too much pressure and expectations on themselves. Your results will get better every grow as long as you take pride in growing. 
    With that said, I think you are off to a great start! They look much better after the transplant and will grow much faster now. You could flower now if you wanted. But if you have the space to let them grow some branches then I would do that. Just my opinion and good luck rest of the way.
  14. When you mix your next soil you need perlite like crazy

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