The lion, the witch, and my wardrobe.

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    Height: 71"
    Width: 55"
    Length: 20"

    105 CFM Dayton axial fan(cool tube)
    100 CFM S&P TD 100 (entire cab)
    (future upgrade: TD Silent 150 5" 298/209 CFM Inline)(entire cab)

    250w HPS Lumatek digital ballast powered 2700k 28000L
    125w Flourowing CFL 6400k 8,000L

    hope this helps someone on their next build :):wave:

    :smoke: stay green :smoke:

  2. i like your setup !

    very nice indeed

  3. :wave: Hey Kush70, thanks!
  4. yw :bongin:


    looking foward to watching your grows
  5. Nice build, I love it!! Clean and orderly, your temps must be good too. +1

    Total cost of your setup?

    edit: how loud is it?
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    Hiya Not Sure :wave: thanks mate!

    wardrobe: $139
    250 Watt HPS/MH Ballast $130
    125 Watt CFL $59.99
    Can 2600 Filter $52.99
    TD 100 Inline Fan $91
    Dayton PC Fan $25

    Bubble Cloner:
    Rubbermaid $1
    2x 5" bubble stones $3
    Aquarium Heater $5
    x4 Net Pots $1.20
    x4 Neoprene inserts $1.80
    20-50 Gallon Dual Outlet Air Pump $12

    Drill $25
    Hole Saw Kit $14
    5 Door Closers $4.60
    2 Day/Night Timers $12.99
    2 Power Source/ Surge Protector $18.99
    1 Food Grade Fiberglass stacking tray $5.99
    1 Dish Bucket $1.59
    4"x16' Ducting $25
    2 8"x8" Adorama Darkroom Louvers(coming soon) $55.01

    Total: $546.15 :cool:

    This is by far the quietest setup ive ever had, its as loud as a typical computer. Next to an a/c unit, it sounds like the unit itself.;)

    The TD 150 will replace the 52 Db Dayton Computer Fan. Then, the two fans will be switched. the TD 150 ventilating the entire cabinet, and the TD 100 ventilating the cool tube.

    :mad:At the moment the temps are not where id like them to be. 82 in the veg cab and 86 in the flower chamber during the hottest time of the day with my a/c on full blast. The only reason im considering the new fan is because i feel that i could set it on the low setting and it would be quiet yet still efficient.:mad:

    What Im going for is a rise of 3 degrees from ambient temps inside both chambers.

    Im still kicking myself though thinking that i can get away with the two extremely quiet fans, and not have to spend any more to achieve these temps. my Main intakes are 8"x8" one under the veg chamber, and one under my Flower chamber.
    Then the air flows upward through 4x 2" holes in BOTH chambers.

    Wattage wise, i do believe ill need the new fan in order to keep things the quietest and coolest it can be.

    250Watt HPS
    125Watt CFL
    10Watt aquarium heater
    35Watt Mixed Flow Fan
    24Watt Axial Fan
    10Watt Personal Fan
    10Watt Personal Fan
    5Watt Air Pump

    Total Wattage: 469Watts

    im basing the temp increase off of this formula
    (Tdiff= Increase in Ambient temps)
    Watts CFM Tdiff
    70\t 30\t 7.4
    150\t 30\t 15.8
    150\t 60\t 7.9
    150\t 130 3.6
    250\t 130 6.1
    250\t 265 3.0
    250\t 400 2.0
    400\t 130 9.7
    400\t 265 4.8
    400\t 400 2.7
    600\t 265 7.2
    600\t 465 4.1
    1000\t 30\t 105.3
    1000\t 265 11.9
    1000\t 465 6.8

    :confused:Help me out here GC. What do you guys think?:confused:
    Option A. cut 2 more 2" holes in BOTH chambers and not buy the TD 150
    Option B. Buy the TD 150 Mixed Flow Fan
    Option C. Do both A and B
    Option D. (Ill leave this one open for you guys)
  7. Was it hard light proofing it? Looks great! and Clean! I bet it is quiet with that TD fan! Can you return it and get the 150? If bought from eBay you may be able to return it still.

    I'd say try 1 more 2" hole in both chambers, if that doesnt help temps, try to keep the room temp down.. If that fails- get the TD150 in there- you'll probably be good- with the option of cutting ANOTHER 2" hole in both chambers still for more air in and out.

    Anyways, your temps now arent too bad at all. Ive seen people not even test their cabs and start and finish a grow with nearly 90 degree temps. But keep at it! Good work.
  8. Your saying both fans are on the bottom, pushing ait up through the cab? Why not try putting them on top? Easier to pull the air than it is to push it.

    Love the cab, just bought one about the same size, gonna start tricking it out over the next few Weeks!
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    Thank you Kushed! :wave:

    It was actually very simple light proofing it. I bought 5 latches that secure the door. these latches can be found in the cabinet hardware section at local hardware stores. I took the doors off, and weather stripped around the edges, and in-between both gaps. a little hinge adjustment and voila! The cab wont be completely light proof until i get my two 8"x 8" darkroom louvers for the intakes. I also need to light proof the 4 2" exhaust holes separating the two chambers.
    (I'll add those things to the price list.)

    as for the TD 100, i bought it quite some time ago from my local hydro store, and they dont accept returns on items after 90 days. Ill probably just sell the Dayton PC fan on eBay, keep the TD 100 for exhausting the 250w, and use the TD 150 for the entire cab.

    I'm going to try and cut one more 2" hole in each chamber, and see how that does.
    Then, ill try and switch the two fans.

    If either doesn't work so well, then ill have to step up to the td 150. I wont continue without temperatures of 78 degrees Fahrenheit MAX in both cabinets.

    I love how quiet it is, and i would like it to stay that way :)
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    :wave: hey GreenPassion, they ARE sucking the air out of the cab, and then blowing them only a very short 19" distance(through the electrical chamber) out of the wardrobe.

    Thank you! lots of time and planning has been put into this one for sure, make sure you plan it out before making your first cut. link me later, so i can check it out.
  11. Measure once cut twice? Or measure twice cut once? I forget sometimes! haha.

    Very nice MJ Engineering.

  12. haha
    Thanks drhell2pay! :wave: i cant wait until i get my temps just right. :)
  13. So i switched my fans around (Dayton Axial on scrubber venting the wardrobe, and TD 100 on Cooltube exhausting the 250w) ,and ended up with my flowering chamber at 85.7 and my veg chamber at 84 a little better, but still not what I like.:mad:

    I didnt add any more intake holes. Reason being, is if I add more holes, then im afraid i might have to sacrifice the two catch pans after installing the PVC bends.

    I think the easiest way to fix my problem, is spend the money on the new fan, i should have enough money next week, we shall see. :)
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    Hi noobwannB :wave:

    There is no need for fans on the intake, unless of course they are of equal cfm rating to take the load off of the exhaust fan.
    In my case, i have two exhaust fans. One for the entire grow box and one for the cool tube.

    I have great negative pressure. I need a bigger fan is all. My design, is rather well planned out imo. i do appreciate your insight, but this one has had a lot of thought, time, and effort put into it. :)

    The fans and duct work are arranged so that everything inside of the flowering chamber is sucked through the carbon filter, then through the new S&P TD 150, then blowing only a short distance through the electrical chamber ducting, and out of the back of the electrical chamber. The cool tube housing the 250watt is then exhausted through similar duct work powered by the S&P TD 100 into the electrical chamber, and out of the back directly beneath the Main exhaust. My filter is causing too much work to be done on the load of the td 100 bringing my cfm rating down to a low 40CFM after static pressure, thus the need for a fan upgrade.

    After i obtain the new fan, i will be creating diy Muffler boxes to deaden the sound of the rushing air. Placement of the fans was a key factor to accommodate for this.
    Soon after, i will be recieving my 8"x8" Dark room louvers, and about 8 2" pvc male and female bends to block any light leaks and finish light sealing.:cool:

    My goal is to reach a 3 degree rise inside both chambers from ambient temps, with everything on for full control over the environment.

  15. I never ceases to amaze me the number of folks that DON'T though ;)

    Looks like you've got it all figured out.
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    I've only used an intake fan once. it was with a pc grow box to allow airflow to roll throughout the box.

    With this cabinet, I have to suck in order to get every last bit of air through the carbon filter and out.

    I was reading recently that it is better to push air through cool tubes.
    2 reasons, my fan has a thermal rating of 104 degrees fahrenheit and if there are any leaks in the ducting then bad smelly air cant be sucked up through it.
  17. Hey GC, My cab is finally done. my temperatures at the coolest times of the day are reaching 75-78 5-8 degrees ambient:cool:. It's not EXACTLY what i was looking for, but it does the job. I installed an S&P TD 150 a couple days ago with a Fantech vari speed controller. Finally, i installed two 8"x8" darkroom louvers and PVC 90 degree bends painted flat black which finalizes my light proofing. :) with the lights off im unable to see any light leaks. :cool:


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  18. Beans? Clones? What are you starting up? I LOVE the cab! +rep when I can again! : )
  19. Nice grow cabinet!! When are you gonna start something up?

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