The lights around my house go off at midnight

Discussion in 'General' started by thezool, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. so we have this thing around where i live where the street lights turn off at midnight. except 1 or 2 on the main roads.

    anyway i was out toking and walking around at about 11:50 and they started going off. it wasn't too scary but it's still pretty weird.

    can imagine if i was blitzed and all the lights started going off, i wouldn't be too happy. :D
  2. walk under the lights as they start going off, act like you are the master of the lights to anyone watching :smoke:
  3. ahh no lights....i must drink my own piss
  4. Seriously time it next time so you can walk down the middle of the road with your arms out to your sides as the lights go off but you have to make sure someone is outside to see it lol preferably kids they'd probably shit their pants
  5. would be fucked up if it was the other way round... walking down dark road mindin your own busines and having highdeas, suddenly all the lights turn on haha Id be freaked out xD

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