The lighter, the car, the bong.

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  1. Wow... Yesterday was the funniest night Ive ever experienced.
    I hope I get the detail good so it seems funny to you guys but here goes...its gonna be long.

    It all started on Friday when my 2 friends, Jon and Fatass, drove up to Fatass's cabin.
    So we arrive kinda late and just chill the night, getting a little high, and basically just relaxing. The next day we go and just walk around town and shit and smoke out of my pipe for an hour or so. When it got darker we came back to the cabin and then the rain started.
    We encountered our first problem when fatass lost all 5 of his lighters in the woods. Fatass decided we would just drive into town quick, so we get off the couch, and walk up a small hill/mound to the car. As we walk up we realize just how rainy it is and being a little high are taken by surprise when the dirt hill turns to mud before our eyes. Fatass slips and burries his head into the mud completely and just lays there face down for a second, then Jon trips over fatass, and as he falls grabs my face for some reason:confused: . I get closelined insanely and do half a flip into the mud. Once we sort ourselves out, we come to the sad conclusion the car starter is screwed. So now we have to walk a mile or 2 to get a bic lighter. So we set off down the shitty old trail and are about half way there when fatass realizes his lighter is in his shoe. Me and Jon spazz out and nearly attack Fatass in the confusion of arguments and insults that follow his recollection.
    When we arrive back and finally chill out, we rip out Jon's Roor. Now In Canada, or my part at least, a decent roor is 350
    well this was higher than decent and really beautiful, ashcatcher and all that shit along with a beautiful bowl.
    So we smoke around 10 bowls and are completely wrecked.
    Now, fatass is a weird guy, he expresses his feelings high in a completely immature and retarded way. So he starts to sing and jumps up and down on the couch looking like an idiot. I move away to the chair cause the couch is bouncing like a navy ship.
    Fatass doesnt realize hes still holding the bong until too late, the dumbass drops the bong on Jons head not only spilling bong water all over but literally smashing the bong right in the middle over on Jons head.
    Jon goes crazy and just inspects the bong near crying haha.
    Fatass kinda leaves the room claiming hes getting paper towels.
    It was the funniest thing Ive ever seen, sorta a buzzkill with no bong but fuck Jons face when it landed on him and after was priceless.
    Fatass said hed buy Jon a new one and so its all good, but I think fatass might be avoided to smoke with for a while.
    Well that was my average saturday haha. Hope those who read til the end enjoyed.
  2. Man that was fucked up....I'd make him pay for it too
  3. I'd be so pissed if someone broke a bong of mine over my head.
  4. Yep...very average.

    Hehe sounds horrible though
  5. Fatass needs friends, too. Just tell him to chill the fuck out.
  6. holy shit that is the funniest thing EVER.
  7. teehee. If someone broke my RooR, I would immediately proceed to kill them, make a necklace from their eyeballs, enjoy a lovely filet mignon, decorate their grave with their own bones... then steal their credit card and buy 3 more roors. :cool:
  8. golly, im glad i dont possess such an item that would demand such hoarding and over protection.;)

    custom blown bongs ftw.
  9. thats the way i look at it when it comes to people like that

    i think well its either they are with us doing something fun, or they are alone, probly wishing they could be doing something and i know if i was like that it would be pretty awesome to have friends like that

    and did i mention i am very very high lol havn't smoked in like 4 days
  10. I have known fatass since I was 5 man. Im not THAT mean to him we just always make fun of each other. But woah he is dumb.
    Man my friend was soo sad after he was like crazy depressed haha.
    I went to his house the other day and his eyes were like bagged like crazy and he looked like he was on crack/heroine. Haha I cant blame him though, wow was it a nice bong.
  11. I cant believe I got negative rep for telling a story outside the border of "mom caught me" or "BUSTED"...

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