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  1. hey, i was smoking a while ago and i was experememting with different ways to smoke my pipe. i could hold the flame directly on top and get it real red hot, or i just hold it like 1- 2 cm above the weed to burn it, but not get red... which way is more efficient? thanks
  2. I go with a little distance and a very hot flame. Always start your draw before you heat. The very 1st things burned taste the best and seem the most potent.
  3. I would avoid burning your bowl to a crisp! I smoke with a key handful of people and we save "corners" of the bowl so everyone gets a green hit....
    There's nothing that sucks more than someone who torches the whole bowl for their hit and leaves little left for others, but if you're smoking alone I wouldn't worry too much.
    If you're asking about efficiency just lighting it enough to get a good hit makes bowls last longer... But I have slight asthma so I can't take those lung-busting hits everyone else can!

    I say just watch that bowl, don't let it flame up.. Try to save "corners" of green, if not for others but for yourself too! :)
  4. I light my bowls with the very tip of the flame. Sometimes corner it. But i feel the tip is the part of the flame that sets things on fire faster
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  5. how do you even find threads this old
  6. It's almost as old as the thread on how we became Blades. Check the date and especially post #14.

    So what am I now?
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  7. My bad i didnt notice. I was just using the search function

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