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  1. aight alot of my weird rhetorical questions r impossible to answer and involve infinity and this is one of them, but i thought i'd throw it out there anyway. ok it is well known that everything happens for a reason, animals eat other animals to balance out the food chain n all that shit. theres gotta be plants to absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, to keep the world alive pretty much, but why exactly does the world need to be alive? is it somehow vital to the galaxy? and if it is, wat makes it so important for the galaxy to survive? i'm sure theres infinite numbers of them, y is it important to the universe that our galaxy in particular is surviving. haha and the major question, y is it necessary for the universe to exist, wat is it that the universe is doing that is a vital part in keepin things larger than the universe runnin. haha once again, not able to be answered, but i certainly do wonder.
  2. God was bored so he made the earth and humans and everything else, and he just made science make sense so that us humans had something to do.
  3. its interesting isnt it... all the stuff no one knows.

    for all we know the earth could be part of a much larger living organism.

    i tihnk its definatley alive as an organism. there are too many cycles involved not to concider the whole alive and growing. (or dying as the case may be)

    or it could be being used already by other inteligene we do not yet understand.

    who knows... it could just be here to make stuff for when it blows up. then everything thats developed (life and all) gets blasted off into space in all directions to land on other planets and start new life.
  4. hmmm, intressting concept.. i won't try to answer that question though. But i like how you said that everything on earth has a cycle to help the earth stay 'alive'. Another question to ask is that why do humans exist? We definately aren't needed to keep the world alive... were killing the earth. hmmmm intersting topic!!
  5. Gaia. The Earth has a spirt. In my belief. Why? Don't ask.. :smoking:
  6. in my opinion, theres nothing bigger than the universe, and this planet is kept alive to keep the universe in balance. without it, the universe would become unbalanced.....very complicated lol........
  7. we don't exist, it's all in your head..
    brain in a vat.. weird shit, look it up somewhere, it's an interesting weed. it's very related to the matrix, but this was written much before it, kinda cartesian..

    "and he just made science make sense so that us humans had something to do."
    wow, so like god didn't want us to suffer the same boredom so he made science for us.. interesting theory..
  8. some people realey arnt keeping up are they. (no names but they know who they are)

    i think people are part of life as well,. its a evolving cycle. if we break the earth then it will just freeze over or what ever.
    some microbes etc will be left behind. then evolutionary time will start again.

    where is that city under the sea anyways?

    it dosent bother me too much. i know the more after and around.

  9. Does it?????? You assume it does need to be alive, so you rule out coincidence...can't quite agree on that one

  10. i dont believe in coincidence. i assume it does need to be alive FOR A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME... not forever, and the time it is alive is what i'm questioning the vitality of.
  11. the earth could just be a big water producing factory for the rest of the universe. or somthing like that. i imagin it will blow up at somepoint and spread what evers left at the end around space.

    reproduce if you like. spread out throught he galaxy natually.

    does that make sence to anyone?

  12. Well then I'm with you...I, too would like to know why there would be a need...

    But I have to point out something else: Animals don't eat other animals to keep any balance. They eat'em to survive. The balance is a completely natural and logical thing. Probably the same with the trees, but that one is a bit more difficult and I'm too stoned..
  13. I was thinking about something close to this one time. Think about if life simply exists in anything that is living and has knowledge of its own existence. Then take away all that is alive. If everything were to die, then would the universe and stars and planets really still exist? How and where? So then I thought that we all make a small contribution to the existence of life. We depend on the planet's existince and the planets and stars and all the univers depend on livind things.
  14. i think you would have to observe the entire universe as a whole for billions of years, before you could judge the impact one solitary planet can have on the whole.

    would be a very interesting time spend though.
  15. one planet has an effect on the entire universe? Thats like saying a spec of dust on your ass has an effect on yourself.

  16. well maybe that spec of dust holds a deadly virus which ends up killing you in 24 hours like the ebola virus! lol

    actually.. that doesn't make sense cause ebola is only transfered by liquid (or moisture or whatever) lol but you get my point :rolleyes:
  17. What if nothing has to have a purpose. The theory of evolution seems promissing and it doesn't mention how the earth is needed to be 'alive' at all(the earth isn't really alive obviously, it just has living things on it and I guess that's what you meant).--Well this doesn't need to be, if all life on earth died out it pretty much wouldn't mean shit to the rest of the universe 'cept that we no longer have a chnace of fucking it up.
  18. but how do we even know that there is a universe or anything outside the earth? none of us have actually been off this planet. what if our planet is just a bubble floating around on another planet that eventually will pop? and what if there are billions of other bubbles all with worlds just like ours?
  19. How would you explain all the other galaxy's we can see? Or all the other planets?
    <<--Eagle Nebula?? :D
  20. I wasn't talking about the planet having the effect. Its life, as a single thing, having effect on the universe. So some other rare planets with life may be part of it too. But I assume there is life no where other than earth.

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