The Libertarian Movement doesn't exist.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Verdurous, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. True or False:

    The Libertarian Movement, aka Libertarianism, does not exist. Ron Paul is only a Republican and members of the Libertarian Party are the only Libertarians.

    I'd say false, how about you?
  2. Your right Ron Paul does not represent the libertarian party but he fits the Libertarian ideoligy more then republican conservatism. The libertarian movement is defenitly real.
  3. I actually didn't make any such claim about representation. :confused:
  4. Ron Paul is a libertarian, probably more so than almost everyone in the Libertarian Party. Parties mean nothing. They are just organizations, like churches. Organizations always tend towards losing their original principles, especially to the extent that the organizations themselves grow in size and power.

    The ideas of liberty have traditionally belonged to the Democratic party. This was true from the dawn of the party until the 20th century. Libertarian is only the most modern name given to a liberty movement that has existed since John Locke and the birth of classical liberalism. You can be a Democrat, Republican, or Independent and still be very much a libertarian. You don't have to wear the logo of the official party.
  5. There is a void left that dems and repubs can't fill, which is true liberalism. I don't know if there is a movement for that or not, there might be.
  6. True.

    Also the most tragically comedic turn in American politics since Reaganomics

  7. That "libertarian movement" is totally unrelated to this thread.
  8. I don't see what the point of this thread is really. People who hate libertarians are going to say no it doesn't exist and libertarians are going to say yes we do exist.

    Its just going to turn into a massive flame war. For those who are part of the Libertarian Movement we know we exist, we've been part of those huge crowds at ron paul rallies or other liberty rallies.

  9. Well, this question isn't actually a matter of opinion. It has a correct answer, well, at least the answer that political scientists are unanimously agreeing on, and that answer is "false". Libertarianism obviously exists and Ron Paul quite obviously subscribes to it. He even openly states he does. This thread was meant to clarify some confusion of people trying to act like members of the Libertarian Party are the only libertarians and that there are no libertarians currently registered republican, which is simply nothing more than semantics.
  10. That one guy who voted true is mad..

  11. What's funny is that his post completely contradicts how he voted. lol I think he just misread the question or something.
  12. Well, since libertarianism was co-opted by right-wingers and capitalists, some mention should be made that it's origins and history for over a century were very different from what we have today.

  13. If by right wing you mean fiscally conservative and socially liberal, and by capitalist you mean believing in capitalism.. Then you are correct garrison.

  14. I'm just saying that they were originally very far left and more recently, over the past few decades, the membership has changed to moderate to far right.
  15. Actually, there is no such shift in ideology, only popularity. Right-libertarianism has existed with left-libertarianism for a while, but has only recently reached significant popularity. Libertarianism as a whole hasn't shifted at all, though, as it includes both.
  16. Political parties dont matter garrison.. I hate repeating tired old crap but its just they way it is.. I dont know anything about those groups you constantly refer to, all I know is what Ron Paul and the libertarian movement stand for today and I for one am damn proud.

  17. Its not the same movement. Modern libertarian-ism comes from Classical Liberalism. This other libertarian movement you speak of merely shares the same name thats it.

    The name "libertarian" is irrelevant anyways. Its the ideas that matter.

  18. We aren't far right. Right = authoritarian. Left = individualism, freedom. Libertarians are the true leftists. We invented liberalism, lol. Liberals know nothing about liberalism, just as conservatives know nothing of fiscal conservatism.
  19. The politics section is already a massive flame war.

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