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The Length of Tolerance Buildup

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ikifar, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking everyday since Friday and I've yet to acknowledge any tolerance from this. How long does it normally take for you to build up a tolerance saying I've been killing about 1-3 bowls per day of good headies. I'd like to know.
  2. Every day since Friday? Haha, dude...
    What was your smoking habits before Friday? It takes more than a few nights of toking to build a tolerance, I'd say 2-4 weeks of solid toking and you'd have to notice getting less high each time.

    You don't want a tolerance though...

  3. Smoking everyday is not as irregular as you'd think, there's people on here that do it everyday medically.

  4. he is not saying smoking everyday is irregular he is saying for you to build a tolerance your going to have to smoke alot more, i smoke everyday and have a ridiculous tolerance

    having a tolerance sucks man its nice if u want to be high all the time and still want to function but if i just want to get that really high feeling where your so stoned you cant move,

    i dont get that feeling anymore and i miss it, but i dont take tolerance breaks so i can just function stoned all the time and not have to worry
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    If you really want to understand, give this a read.

    I've pulled a few select quotes to pique interest.

    As Gettman (1995) explains....
    "The effects of marijuana can be sorted into four categories. First, there are modest physical effects, such as a slight change in heart rate or blood pressure and changes in body temperature. Tolerance develops to these effects with familiarity and/or regular use.

    Tolerance next develops to the depressant effects of marijuana, particularly to its effects on motor coordination. However, tolerance to these effects depends on the quality of the marijuana consumed as well as the frequency of use. THC is one of several cannabinoids in marijuana. While it is the only cannabinoid to produce the psychoactive or stimulative effects, another cannabinoid, named cannabinol (CBN), produces only the depressant effects. CBN is generally present in low-potency marijuana, or very old marijuana in which the THC has decayed; it accounts for the generally undesirable effects of bad pot. While cannabinol gets someone "stoned," THC gets them "high."

    After a while, tolerance develops to even the stimulative effects of marijuana. Experienced users learn that there is an outer limit to how high they can get. Paradoxically, this limit can only be exceeded by lower consumption." (Gettman, 1995)

    The Tolerance Factor

  6. Or everyday in general..
  7. A long weekend of serious smoking isn't going to noticeably change your tolerance. I smoke everyday (have for a couple years now) and after a good two week T break, it takes about three weeks for me to notice my tolerance creeping back up to where it was.
  8. business as usual
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    Recently I've been smoking daily since about November of last year. My tolerance has raised maybe about 2 bowls. So like what would have gotten me to a point with 1 bowl now takes me 3. It's just a guesstimate though, I been smoking heads and mids. So it's not too accurate. Either way later you're going to miss getting completely stoned off of a bowl, so my advice would be to not worry about your tolerance and how high you get off how much compared to whoever. Enjoy your newb highs while they last. :smoking: Also, everyone is different, so what I say or what the other shit ton of people at GC say may be different from what you experience.
  10. i am in utter shock..

    i honestly scrolled down this page waaaaiting to read someone start flaming this guy for this question..

    i am quite pleased to not see someone harassin him sayin its stupid or shit like that

    ...and not to be cRiTiCaL.. but they might end up moving this thread cause idk if it's considered seasoned?
  11. personally ive been smoking for 5 to 6 years now, but i got to say i got almost every time for the first year i smoked with not a lot effort but after thaat it took a while for me even to get a buzz it depends to if you've been hitting bong and pipes and suck or been vaporizing all the damn time also accounts to you tolerance levels.

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