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The Legitimacey of ISO Hash

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Shartmozzle, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. So a few times now some buddies and I have explored making ISO hash using isopropyl as a solvent (or maybe solute?) for the THC to absorb into, after which it is filtered from the plant matter using a coffee strainer. The remaining liquid is isopropyl with THC in it. The isopropyl is evaporated off leaving you with ISO hash. We've let it dry from anywhere from a day to a week plus.

    It seems to scrape off as either a highly resinous stick sludge that is very difficult to load due to how sticky it is. Or as a more tacky more ballable substance more reminiescent of hash.

    The thing is, in my circle of friends and stoners, there is alot of controversy over what bud is organic and legit to smoke and what's chemed out and sketch. Well alot of the ideas that have developed about quality of certain buds, and whether it is organic or not has come from basically one person in the group who trusts his grower. I've seen friends in my own circle been handed and smoke their own bud and say it was sketchy, gross, gave them a headache, or tasted gross soley because the only reason they believe what they smoke is legit is because of the source they got it from.

    Well these same people continuously rag on the the ISO hash I've made and helped others make because "It's just sketch." Or "Your basically smoking rubbing alcohol...".

    One of them targets the fact that isopropyl alcohol is denatured, therefore not suitable for human ingestion, even though he cleans his bong with isopropyl almost daily and doesn't really say anything when I reassure him that you EVAPORATE all of the alcohol out before you smoke.

    These people will go out of their way to put down iso hash, and announce to the world how much they essentially despise it and not smoke it even when offered for free, yet are willing to pay for and sell grams for $50 - $60 for hash made the EXACT same with except with Everclear instead of isopropyl. And if you ask them why you won't get any other response from them other than "Iso is sketch..."

    What I want to know is how much their argument is valid, and are there actually negative health impacts / any negative impacts on using isopropyl instead of Everclear for alcohol extracted hash?
  2. does it really matter if people say its not good for u, because u like it and dont have a problem with it, its the same with weed in general theres always people who say oh its bad for u and all this nonsense but u smoke it cause u like it, and u like being high, fuck people if they dont understand the many variations of cannabis, and how not un-healthy it is for you
  3. Well it does kinda matter. One of my buddies wanted to maybe sell off some of the iso hash that he'd made for a reasonable price too. Too bad all of the "experienced" stoners in the circle hate it and proclaim it's sketchy as fuck... but you could always buy some alcohol extracted off them for $60 a g!
  4. When you make iso hash, all the active ingredient is evaporated off(rubbing alcohol) and all that is left is distilled water and your hash. SO you actually are not smoking any harmfull substances at all.

    tell your friend that and then see what they have to say
  5. If you understand chemistry well enough, and you have experience making it, you can make it without a trace of ISO left.

    And if you are not completely stupid and you can follow one of the thousands of guides on how to make proper ISO hash, you can make ISO hash without a trace of ISO left in the finished product.

    However, if you screw up and forget to let the iso vape off, and you dont let the oil/hash settle for some time, then you're going to have a bad time.
  6. this thread is ridiculous
  7. personally no matter how long i let it sit mine still tastes a little funny next to say butane or naptha. I have a feeling that we dont get it all off even if doing it proper to a T.

    I have always chocked up the funny taste to the ISO. And if you can taste it it means theres some left. Now that doesnt necessarily mean its bad for you but i do not prefer it.
  8. This is my argument basically. I'm saying there's millions of people around the world who make ISO hash. They hadn't heard of it before which I'm sure added to their skepticism. I think part of the problem is they smoked ISO that probably wasn't done. The first guide of ISO hash I saw, the directions were to begin smoking 24 hours after the alcohol appears to be evaporated, which doesn't seem to be correct.

    I think my whole circle has given up on ISO hash at this point which is stupid considering all the applications our circle has to use ISO hash...
  9. everclear? how well does ethanol evaporate?

    and fuck your friends dude, more hash for you
  10. If you are just a tiny bit unsure of making ISO hash, make water extracted or ice extracted hash instead.

    Much more organic, much easier, more inexpensive and less hazardous.

    - And :D If you get your technique down, you can make some insane quality ice hash with those bubblebags :D
  11. No QWISO is not Organic, However it is very potent and effective. If you are concerned with Organic hash, Only Hash that is made from Organically grown weed and made with water and Ice is truly organic.
  12. Well to get down to the basics of "organic", it would have to made like they traditionally do in Morocco, Afghanistan etc. where they beat the flowers off the plants, and sift the resin through a screen, and you end up with pure organic hashish (not processed in any way).

    But water is just as good if you are not bothered :D
  13. Butane doesn't dissolve the plant sugars like the alcohol does. that funny taste is those sugars burning. properly done iso hash contains nothing that wasn't already in the weed.
  14. Old thread but couldn;t help myself

    Ive made Iso/Butane oil/bubble hash and also done the old sifting method, i enjoy the Iso hash the most it comes out a light golden colour and blows away any import i have received in last 10 years, Butane oil is great too but i find it a little pricey to do for what you get, Iso can really be as strong as butane oil anyways, Bubble hash is probley the biggest disappointment for me so far, it always has this planty taste to it,(also just learning this method). ive done the dry sift twice and 1st time we got about a .5 gram before we runing our silk screen, the next time i did it b myself i got 14g of mids(Canadian mids are better than usa mids by lot) i busted a gram at a time and worked which gram for 20 minutes over a 1x1 screen above giant glass window pane, i got about 2.5 grams of some of the best hash around, it wasn't as strong as iso or oil but it was plentiful and tasted great, always use a quality filter i never trusted coffee filters myself , try silk screen in future it will work better:wave:

  15. My family owns a medical clinic in Vallejo, CA... Ive hade some of the best of the best. Pretty sure thats just how it tastes. Unless of course you dont remove the butane from a BHO run with a vaccuum chamber. Our shit was lab tested...No butane. Data speaks for itself.

  16. Hey folks! Just made some iso yesterday cause i had some 91% Isopropyl layin around. It took about 24hrs to dry, but I put the pyrex on a seedling heater mat (stays about 85 degrees F), and had the fan on and the pyrex by an open window. I got a little sediment cause i ripped a filter a little, and since it was my first time making iso ( I usualy use Ice and bubble bags with a mortar churning attatchment on my drill) i wasnt sure how long to shake and how long to let sit. The alcohol definately dissolves some plant matter, but i tipped the pyrex slightly while it dried, and most of the sediment ended up on one side, and the other side ended up light brown and clearish. After the scrape, I did a few dabbers and it got me pretty high but it did have the planty taste. I used about a ounce of leaves that I been saving when i groom the plants. Just got some butane today, and im gonna try BHO tomorrow with the same material to compare the difference. Ill be back in a few days w pics. Im going to run another batch of iso, (filtered better and shooken less) to compare against the BHO. >.<
  17. Hey beloved, this is an old thread but I saw you posted here recently. The reason why your iso hash has a planty flavour is because you took in too much plant waxes and chlorophyll, due to wash times that are too long. Do a quick wash and under very cold conditions; this is the way to get the best out of any process with iso. Freeze the 91% iso and plant matter. Do a wash for between fifteen and twenty seconds only. The alcohol water mixture ought to be clear to golden or light very light green. But no dark green at all. Then you strain/filter. I got some blonde hash just the other day from qwiso washes.
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    i have about 1/2oz of flowers used to make smaller batches of bho...can i just throw this extra into a jar with some iso and give it a shake to get the last bit of anything usable on the flowers?
    *edit...just answered my own question by doing it...NO i cannot!...it's all chlorophyll :hide:
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    Canadian mids are better than usa mids? You sir have never smoked Oregon Weed. I work at a clinic, its supposed to taste like that, unless you didn't get all the waxes or chlorophyll out. Please don't go throwing around stuff like my weed is more potent cause I said lol.

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