The Legend Of Zelda-Tears Of The Kingdom

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Dizzy, May 22, 2023.

  1. I Think This Game Really Cool and I Deserve Its Own Thread. We Got It The Other Day An Kyra & Mariah My 2 Oldest Daughters Been Playin TF Outta It. It Look Like Alotta Fun For When Me An My Husband Start A Game.
    I Can't Believe Zelda Became A Giant Light Dragon Tho Lol Cool AF

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  2. Been a while since I did Nintendo
    Not sure I have the reflexes or nerves anymore
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  3. Best game I've played in a long time. It completely reignited my love for Nintendo. I could probably play just this game for the rest of the year and still have fun..... Probably going to start up Ocarina of Time again after I beat it then go through all the 3D Zeldas.

    Might need your help again with OOT Toni! I always have trouble with that game lmao
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  4. Hey That Great To Hear It Reignited Your Love For Nintendo. It Really A Amazing Game IMO Too. HMU Ina PM If You Needa Help With OOT Tho.:)

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  5. I've seen it around but yet to play it! ... I'm to buzy chasing a fly in my grow room
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  6. I've played the first few hours. it's definitely a fun game and improvement over Breath of the Wild. My only issue with it, is it doesn't feel like a traditional Zelda game. The addition of being able to build vehicles and other things is cool.
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  7. Ya They Add Much New Tings On The Game Too. Alotta Big Maps Too An New Characters.

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  8. Agree with this. That's as soon as I'm done I'm planning on starting Ocarina of Time. As much as I love this game, I miss the old school Zelda as well. I'm actually surprised I like this game so much, I really didn't like BOTW much at all
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  9. Starting another play through…it’s just that good haha. I kinda skipped over the desert area after I beat the temple so excited to see what’s over there.
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  10. The Whole Damn Game Is Amazing Lbvs.

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