The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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  1. I just hooked up my N64 again and i've been playing this all day. It brings back so many memories it's unbelievable. Definitely one of the best games of all time.

    It's weird because I keep trying to get into Twilight Princess and I just can't. I play for like 10 minutes and stop. It just feels so much more childish compared to OoT. Like when you open the small chests and it makes that little jingle.
  2. Ocarina of Time is the best. I just beat it again last week my roommates has the gamecube port of it.
  3. Life defining game for me man

    Unfortunately I sold my n64 a while ago (Before the gamecube and ps2 generation) and that was also before I started toking..

    So Ive never played it high

    but sober it was fucking INCREDIBLE
  4. i have th gamecube version.

    Man, brings back so many memories -tear-
  5. Favorite fucking game

    i love the music too i almost know every OOT song on guitar.
  6. I got it on my pc. :):wave:
  7. EPIC game
    I might just have to hook up my N 64

  8. Yeah the music brings back memories, especially Hyrule Field and the Gerudo theme song.

    Do it man, you won't regret it. It seemed like a pain in the ass when I was doing it, but once I started playing it's 200% worth it.
  9. When I was in 10th grade I walked down the hall one day of my entire school while classes were going on with this pair of 15 dollar panpipes I got on ebay (panpipes are much louder than ocarina, plus easier thats why I chose them) playing Song of Storms really loud.

    I had like one out of 3 classrooms the teacher came out and said "That's really beautiful but could you do that somewhere else?" or a variation of that same thing
  10. Thought about doing that myself. I love Zelda.
  11. i love OoT way too much, i got the wii virtual console of it a few months ago and it brought back my youth for a few days.

    i remember when i was like in the 6th or 5th grade spending hours at the fishing area after all the kids in my school were making rumours about super rare fish and how you can catch special boots and all that jazz.

    i wish i could go back to those days:(
  12. Gerudo Valley Music was awesome! As well as the classic Hyrule Field theme.

    It's a stellar, damn near flawless game. I always love playing it up to the Forest Temple, but I sometimes stop after that just because I'm personally not a fan.
  13. So weird to come across a thread like this because, i was thinking about replaying that game yesterday. Once i find it im sure it will bring back good memories. Such a good game.
  14. zelda is my favorite game series of all time, rivaling close behind is final fantasy. If youre like me and youve played through OOT 20 times or more, i challenge you... to a challenge of infinite impossabilities.. I chalange you, if you so choose to do so;

    beat OOT the Master Quest !!WITHOUT HELP FROM A STRATEGY GUIDE!!

    Even with help from i still got very VERY fucking frusterated with this game.

    if you do end up beating it without the guide you have my utmost respect. game on fellow stoners!

    you can get this game for the gamecube system
  15. A long time ago I played it but I got stuck on the water temple, but my brother really helped me a lot to beat it. I gotta play through it again.
  16. this game is so fun i played on my roomies 64 and beat the 1st dungeon in like an hour

  17. good on ya man. I have that soundtrack around here somewhere, damn fine music.

    I haven't played that game in ages, but I remember how good it was. so much to do, so many dungeons, secrets, games, everything. the depth of that game just dawned on me.
  18. OoT is definitely one of the best games ever made. I haven't played it in a while, though. I actually wanted to start a game of wind waker since I never beat that, but I don't have a gamecube.

    You guys should check this website out. It's a high-res texture pack that someone made for ocarina (takes some time to load).
  19. Ocarina is a fucking classic. Twilight blows. Im not quite sure why but I never liked it. Maybe its the repetitiveness or something, I dunno. I loved Ocarina, loved Windwaker, HATE Twilight.

  20. Dude, my fav theme would have to be the Forest and the Castle Town ones. Oh my god, I could listen to them for hours.

    Fuck it, they're ALL good.!:D

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