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The Leak Free System (For College Students)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ResearchIt, May 13, 2010.

  1. This is a great way to smoke discreetly in dorms, a few of my friends thought it up. Now before anyone goes saying "I thought of it first" i am sure tons of smokers have thought of this.

    If you are a cougher, this isnt for you... It takes some practice, but once you get it down its easy as pie. (I dont know where that saying comes from, I have baked a pie and its not that easy.)


    1. Make a spoof, a paper towel roll with dryer sheets stuffed in it works great

    2. Pack the bowl about half way, leave space at the top or you will burn your hand.

    3. Light the bowl and pull hard do not let any smoke escape from the bowl.

    4. When you are almost done taking your hit take the palm of your hand and make an air tight seal over the top of the bowl, if your bowl was made poorly and its rim isnt even you may have to apply more force. Keep your hand there..

    5. Let go of the carb and suck up the rest of the smoke, keep your hand over the top to make sure the cherry goes out.

    6. Cover the carb again and gently pull as you let go of the top of the bowl.

    7. Hold in your hit as long as you like, and then blow through the spoof. Be sure to breath in through the nose and exhale a couple times or you might not get all the smoke out.

    If done right there will be no smell of weed, other than the smell that comes off your bud normally (When its not burning)
  2. Make sure not to inhale the TP roll with dryer sheets in it.

  3. Yah it sucks inhaling dryer sheet dust.... so breath through your nose!
  4. I usually just use a loonie and slide it over the top of the bowl, if you use your hand you should wash them after due to the smell.
  5. Only if you dont like the smell :p
  6. I love doing this, I usually use a quarter to cover my bowl because it's flat enough to make an airtight seal :)
  7. sure, but if you are trying to conceal the smell of smoke in your dorm room wouldnt your hands reeking of burnt weed when you walk out kinda give it away anyways?
  8. Lotion..perhaps hand sanitizer especially those little wet naps those are convenient.
  9. Yeea this works for me too, I actually use a bathroom token from work but same thing. :p
  10. Does anyone else just smoke snappers? I load my bowl with the amount of weed I can take per hit, so I can cash the whole bowl. Then on the exhale I barely breath out any smoke if at all. Plus this way your not wasting your herb at all. Been doing this in my room for months now and you can't smell a thing.
  11. Thats another way to do it. Add a spoof and its fool proof
  12. Use a vaporizer! It doesn't smell like weed. The most it smells like is popcorn if you burn it.
  13. Depends on the vape (dont assume all vapes work/smell the same), I know people that have been busted with vapes. I dont know any one that has been busted this way. Also, vape is a different kind of high than smoking, if you prefer smoke this is a good way to do it.

  14. I am a huge fan of snapping bowls. Its funny, because after a few months of this you will get so used to it that you are able to snap full bowls :hello:

  15. Haha for awhile me and a couple friends had huge amounts for personal use due to it all being free, so "we would smoke alot, now I dont mean alot alot buut, 6 7 grams standard everyday." ( if someone can tell me which movie that is a take on I will give them a huuuuge e cookie ) We got up to the point where even a a full bowl of about .7 was a snapper that was ghost hitted and done back to back. A rip was anything over a gram really, but even those after while didnt really give you that big hit feel anymore, so then one of my good friends decided to snap a whole bowl of golden kief, just to prove himself I guess. I've never seen someones eyes get so big as when we pulled that bowl. It was the best heres an illustration. :cool: :D :bongin: :eek: :smoking: :poke: :confused:
  16. so your saying you would smoke an entire g in one hit?....

  17. I don't think that is out of the question.
  18. sorry but the almost 100% proof system would be if you have your dorm window direct across from your put two box fans on each otherand face them outside. put them on full should feel air from the halls being sucked through the cracks in the door frame. guaranteed to keep you outa trouble and isnt really expensive.
  19. As long as your room isnt super tiny, it doesnt smell at all. fans and stuff are necessary and therefore a waste of money. Just fabreeze a little. and maybe put a towel up under the door.

    A lot of windows arnt right across from the door. The Leak Free system works in any place
  20. I add one step to this. i spray febreze after every hit. really paranoid i know but if i get caught with it i pay $500 for having weed. $300 for paraphanelia and i lose my security deposit on the dorm (which is more like an apartment) $200 and i have a 900$ fine for violating the lease.

    in other words i kiss the apartment managements staffs ass everytime i see them so they dont have any suspicion about me.

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