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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Sunflower, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. Well I was just wondering what the laws were like in Amsterdam. I mean since they have those coffee shops and stuff. I am just ignorant to the subject in general.
    I mean, can you drive stoned, work stoned, have it growing in your front garden? Are there any possesion laws? Are these laws constituting the entire country of Netherlands, or just Amsterdam?
    Sorry if I sound dumb, but I have been all over the internet in search for any idea how the laws work there.
    Thanks a lot,

  2. From what I know, its not legal, just decriminalized. The gov't just doesn't care if you do it recreationaly, well not anymore, because they are shutting down their coffeeshops and such. But since yesterday, the Netherlands are now selling World-wide medical marijuana, the first country to ever do so. You can have it growing, but not more than 5(?) plants or so. There are also possession laws but only when you have a lot, i don't know the exact amount you can legally possess though.
  3. The most you can buy from a coffee shop at one time is 5 grams. I know they're starting to crack down on marijuana so I don't know what, effectively, the laws are.
  4. Damn, I know that you can only legally carry 5 grams at a time.
  5. here's what i know, from my visit and asking woody, who i met there, and told me the can grow 4 plants legally, if you grow more then no-one really cares....but it is still illegil, hence if you grew say 4+ and someone complained about it, you would have them, and the lights (if indoors ) taken away from you and you would receive a can have upto (i think) 15grams in your posession on the street at any one time......or something like that.................when you buy the fine erb, it is sold in coffeeshops, which do usually sell coffee as your not supposed to sell alcohol in the samw place.........some places have the grass and hash menu on a board that looks likw it's black.....but when lit show's the menu..............Peace out............Sid
  6. I guess it is goodnews (compared to some places) but I have been completely misled. I imagined... well I am sure everyone gets the point. This sucks
    I need a joint,
  7. Thats pretty cool sid. I want to move there. So you can grow like 50 plants but if some one didn't like it and reported you for it than you would have a those things done. well I could probly grow 4 plants and be content with that. There would always be the coffee shops to. a heaven for stoners among us.
  8. As long as you can sit down in a cafe, buy some crazy bud, and smoke all you want. Thats all that matters to me. I was supposed to go last summer but the freakin' war broke out...

    I wonder if they smoke blunts there? I would definitely roll up some nice dutchies for em!
  9. were is amsterdam located.
  10. netherlands? denmark? something like that.
  11. Holland stupids!!!!!!!! ARGHHHH YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE STONERS THAT KNOW STUFF!!!!!!! jk :)
  12. I thought it was in, latvia or norway? Why hasn't anybody from amsterdam seen this thread.
  13. holland it is..........however there is a place in Denmark where all drugs are legal.....but of a shady place though.........Peace out..........Sid
  14. I'm just not good at geography. Other than that, I'm a veritable fountain of random facts.
  15. Isn't prostitution legal in amsterdam. Geography I'm bad at. math I'm ok but only when I'm aloud time to think. school was a pain in the ass. But look at me now. got a house, and some cool shit thats fun to space out at. is prostitution legal in amsterdam.
  16. yes there is legal prostitution in amsterdam. One of my friends said you can get head for like $8 there.
  17. Fuck paying $8 FOR HEAD. come to Maine. theres a women on main street thet will give head for 3 cigerates and a big mack. I didn't try this my uncle knows.

    hope obliviot doesn't find this thread king.

  18. sounds like a fair deal.
  19. sooooooooo true.

    I'm actually looking for a job there since 48 hours !!
    cross my fingers.
  20. is it illegal to bring back seeds to the states?

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