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  1. In my words the law of attraction is a marvelous key once you learn and practice life

    makes perfect, the law of attraction is the key to a lot of things when you think positive

    those brain vibrations are sent out to the other beings and that attracts them to your tool

    when you think negatively evil shit and negative vibes will be attracted which bad shit

    will happens. Karma is also another balance i like , but once you realize that you create

    your own reality the world is basically limitless :D what are your ideas and thoughts

    bout this subject?
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    babies die in driveby shootings are they manifesting it?

    i agree negative thinking is bad for you, and positive thinking can make your life better, but you do not create your on reality, maybe psychologically, but definitely not physically

    for example i read this article, I'm not convinced but i do think it's possible considering the spectrum of human behavior and some of the things humans do
    for example the behavior of schizophrenics, they are extremely creative, and perhaps this is what causes their 'reality' to be much different from ours
    World we see is make-believe, top British scientist says
  3. Placebo effect.

    If you only pay attention to certain things, then only certain things will grab your attention.

  4. i swear when i smoke good shit happens to me.

    Good vibes? Good Karma? you decide
  5. At any given time I must be giving off both negative and positive vibes, due to my holding of many perspectives and beliefs. If these do not align with someone else's personal morals, for example pretending to be polite, in which I value honesty more, then am I giving off bad vibes or good vibes? Multiple people may see my behavior in both positive and negative perspectives. So who's perspective do we hold to be the ultimate perspective when it comes to matters that are neither destructive nor constructive.

    I only believe in law of attraction as it relates to causality. If you do certain things, you get certain reactions out of certain people, etc.
  6. So the world's hungry just aren't hungry enough?
  7. There is no ultimate perspective, only perspective. One man's etiquette is another man's insult!

    All that matters is that you be true to yourself, as honestly as you can. The law of attraction will then simply happen naturally according to who you are, what you need, and what makes you most happy.
  8. There is a saying that only opposite attracts each other !!
  9. Two oscillators, with individual frequencies, will join in phase if they share a common base. It is observed all over the world, from pendulum clocks to fireflies in South-East Asia. That's probably why like minded people gravitate towards each other. I always find that resonance provides great insight into life.
  10. Everything functions through energetic principles which you could call "Law of Attraction." This means that it is always occuring, and you don't "need to make happen." It has always been happening, your whole life. The question is, do you want to take advantage of it? You have to start being conscious of your thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs. Don't allow them to be unconscious background noise. From here, you should start to notice how they directly relate to your life. From here, you can start to shift them towards something that is more preferable. If you remain conscious during the transition, you should see a change in your life, reflecting the shift in your thought-pattern. This will confirm it, to some degree, and then you can keep playing with it.
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    To deny that the law of attraction works, either consciously or subconsciously, merely means you are using it in a negative manner with consequential (poor) results.

    The above statement will invariably attract criticism, as it suggests that the Law of Attraction is a dogma like religion that should be followed, or else.

    In my personal experience, when I first learned of this metaphysical concept I doubted it, as any rational, reasonably intelligent person would. I then thought, what's the harm in trying to apply it for a week? Positive results were consequently gained, and I decided to carry on looking at things in an interconnected manner, trying to live in the moment, whilst thinking positivity.

    Months later, the amount of synchronicities I encounter on a day to day basis would lead me to suggest that the Law of Attraction is very real. I now consider my previous 'rational, reasonably intelligent person' position completely mad, as the perspective on reality I had then was far more blinkered.

    What's the harm in trying it?
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    You have just made an unfalsifiable claim.

    The only reason your statement sounded dogmatic is because you proclaim it in a way that must be true, and completely dismisses inquiry.

    Could there be another explanation to your experience?

    Are anecdotes equal to evidence? Could there be a bias in your perception?

    Doubt is not an agreeable condition, but certainty is an absurd one.
    -- Voltaire

    Why not just be a good person without expecting a causal reward system?

  13. That is the biggest stumbling block to the relationship between faith and manifestation; because the only person it can be proved to is your Self.

    I invite you, and everyone else to inquire upon the matter, in your own personal way. I accept the fact that it dismisses collective inquiry (i.e. empirical evidence for all to see), but I also proffer the notion that if you learn this philosophy with someone else who is open minded, you will experience a number of collective synchronicities over time that demonstrate the principle in a wider sense.

    Anything observed through empirical evidence is only that, observation. As Russell said, scientific laws are brute, meaning that we have to ascribe reasons to them. In the same way we have to ascribe reasons to our own personal realities.

    Thus, in the beginning when the first trickle of synchronicities occurred naturally I looked for other reasons to explain them. I was shocked that these things were occuring, and for the most part thought it was my mind noticing certain details over others, i.e. the placebo effect. What really convinced me was the way in which over time, synchronicities blend into your daily life and more importantly unconsciously affect other people to manifest your meditations.

    HOWEVER, to this date I still maintain a devil's advocate with my Self for two reasons:
    • Firstly, there is nothing worse than talking to someone who you realise is connecting things to make synchronicities, when in fact all they are doing is over-thinking and connecting things on only the most tenuous of bases.

    • Secondly, the further you go with the flow the more events seem to adjust to your whims, but as a result you are also affected when the flow is down. This second point sounds weird, but the more you practice the philosophy diligently the more you seem to be connected to a collective unconscious.

    There is bias in every anecdote I can recall, that is natural and there is human error. However the collective sum of my anecdotes and experiences only further reinforce my opinion it works.

    Evidence in the sense you mean is impossible to collect because of the Cartesian-Newtonian paradigm which seeks to break down things into machine-like parts. Our science has consequently developed tools and methods of observation pertinent to the paradigm. The paradigm is false, given that everything is interconnected.

    We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
    -- Teilhard de Chardin

    This is an axiom you must agree with to accept the philosophy (because understanding yourself as a spiritual being is key in making evident the faith-manifestation relationship). The ramifications of the quote are truly immense also. It invalidates Voltaire in the sense that 'doubt', 'certainty' and indeed any expression of language is simply a human construct. Whether I am doubtful or certain the law of attraction works, is in the grand scheme of things no matter. Constrained by our humanity we cannot be certain of anything: as a result I base my assertions on faith. If I were certain of the idea, I would go and ram this stuff down peoples throats, but I do not. Rather I have faith in my Self and the path which is gradually being opened for me.

    It appears on the face of it to be an inherently selfish philosophy (think and you shall receive), so I understand why you wrote that. But that is in itself the beauty of it, because selfish people stumble at the first block and merely see it as a causal reward system. Consequently they ruin themselves, die alone and are remembered for being selfish.

    However if one lives in the moment, with the ability to separate oneself from the linear time-frame which our thoughts are arranged in, a bigger picture emerges and the desire for treating it as such quickly evaporates.
  14. Exactly. I'm suggesting that maybe you re-examine your epistemological outlook.

    Replication empirical evidence is more than a simple observation; it's an observation of high methodological quality and of demonstrable accuracy. It's lessons can be directly transferred on to real-world issues and experiences.

    Actually, we don't have to ascribe any reason to scientific laws. They exist even in absurdity. Absurdist philosophy is usually based on this tenant, actually.

    It's actually not quite the placebo effect, it's a number of psychological heuristics, including confirmation bias and anomaly hunting. It's a psychological trait seen in sports players and gamblers. It's very natural and can effect individuals who are aware of the phenomena.

    What do you mean by this? That you weren't actively searching? This actually says a lot about reflection pattern-seeking, and doesn't really lend any legitimacy to your observations.

    You haven't considered non-verbal communication? positive leadership role in social groups? Social dynamics are very interesting, there is a lot of research and reading available on this.

    I should point out that you expressed virtually no extant self-criticism before I inquired further.

    I have no idea what you are talking about. This is an oxymoron as well.

    Which is why you should work diligently to root them out, not blindly accept them. By all means, take this opportunity to do so, I can see several but would rather give you the opportunity yourself.

    You have not very closely considered other explanations. This is to say nothing of the fundamentally obtuse principles and anthropic basis and how they pose a problem to the concept to begin with, much less observational evidence in support.

    How is the proposed effect of the law of attraction outside of the scope of correlation coefficients?

    Um, I don't think you understand any of this.

    Empirical observation of biology, chemistry and physics have been the driving force behind showing the interconnected relationship of the observable Universe. In modern history, science has been the cutting blade that show this despite profound dogma against it.

    We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
    -- Teilhard de Chardin
    This is an axiom you must agree with to accept the philosophy (because understanding yourself as a spiritual being is key in making evident the faith-manifestation relationship). The ramifications of the quote are truly immense also. It invalidates

    How exactly? This seems like a non-sequitur. Doubt and certainty are definitely human constructs, but how does that invalidate them? They are profound facets of epistemological philosophy.

    Sure, but you're a human and things matter to you. You seem to be trying your damnedest to disengage the subject onto something new.

    And rightfully so. This is the VERY reason we should embrace doubt!

    Or perhaps you simply suppress doubt, and avoid self-inquiry.

    No true scotsman, right? :rolleyes:

    It's motivating factor is inherently selfish, so your argument is moot.
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    ^ example of why the internet sucks for communicating. Imagine you two Eisenstein's :laughing: were standing there picking apart every sentence at a time like this.

    But believe what you want to believe. If you read this and think "hey I could try this" it could very well depend on your response to the idea of doing it. If in the back of your head you're thinking "it wont work" or "what if i'll be disappointed?" then the entire concept is flawed from the start.

    And if you don't believe it.. let people use whatever means necessary to get them to live a peaceful and positive life. Don't got to poke at their assholes while they find their way.

    Just click back and keep it moving.
  16. Wayyyy too many arguments are driven by semantics...
  17. ^ Those are my thoughts exactly.

    People who think that the law of attraction exists and works will be likely to report so because they already have the perception that it will. People who think the opposite will be likely to report differently.

    It's called confirmation bias (we all do it) and its what perpetuates lots of common myths, beliefs, and misinformation in today's world.

    I'm not saying anyone's wrong for believing it, but just realize that it is your beliefs that really give this claim any kind of effect.
  18. Yes, but the whole thing is that it is your beliefs shape reality. So if you don't believe it, law of attraction itself states it "won't work" in the sense of getting what you want. The whole point is that your beliefs create your reality.
  19. Dude thanks for just re-iterating my post.

    Funny thing is, I knew that you were going to say that.


  20. babies die in drive-by shootings
    me 1
    you 0
    argument over

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