The Last Time You Got Stoned

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CoryBlazee, May 3, 2016.

  1. Last night while the wife watched love and hip hop Atlanta. I can't make it through a few seconds without weed lol.

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  2. With eleven minutes until I start work.. scrambled to put on a song, pack a vape, and hit it a few times before dashing out the door to get to work in time. Phew

    The Morning Stone.. worth it, especially working at a plant based job

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  3. Thatz eazy .. 3 months ago .. i'm approaching my 4th sober month .. do i miss it? yes & no ..
  4. Why'd you stop?

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  5. Congrats btw. I've stopped for job reasons so idk when I'll smoke again but as of now the last time I smoked was 4 days ago.

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  7. Right now. Sittin' here, blazing some New York City Diesel and listening to relaxation music before I go to bed. Shit's tight, yo.

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  8. Ate two bags of orange slices before I went comatose last night. fuckin blue dream mannnnn

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  9. Yesterday, and it'll be a while until next time

    Surprisingly, I sat around most of the evening cruising the internet, reading news and watching YT videos. Feels like a bit of a waste looking back, but I was sluggish after a lot of heavy smoking the week before and it was nice to sit and do nothing

    Awesome, man. Have sort of a similar thing going on, just not as disciplined. Regularly spaced tbreaks, for all the same reasons. Very well stated reasons.
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  10. Right now, just got back from a hike in the wood, I got high enough out that I hadn't realised I'd walked way further than I had meant to.
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  11. Last night before bed, was going to put something philosophical or some shit on Netflix but I never managed to navigate to select which user was using netflix.

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  12. Yesterday afternoon. Walking home from rugby practice with my friend. We were in the suburbs but just said fuck it.

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    That sucks man. Hope you get well soon.

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  14. last night. My homies and i cruised and went through half an 8th that they just bought. Thoughts got a little shitty and then i realized I had a paper due in the morning. Got it done though and i feel good today.
  15. Smoked some hash this morning before work. Cool thing is, everyone's kinda out of it in the office at 630am, so me being stoned is hardly noticeable.

    Now, almost 10 hours later, I'm fittna head home and smoke some more. :)
  16. Last night a coworker and I split a blunt of gorilla glue. Smoked for 20 or so minutes. There were a lot of cops out last night, I'm surprised I didn't end up with a story for you all..
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  17. Currently getting there now....
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  18. My daughter asleep now i'm chillin smoking this skywalker lol really high. :smoking-bong:
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