The Last Stand

Discussion in 'General' started by Foreman, May 28, 2006.

  1. just saw X-men 3 last nite. man it was fuckin carazy. if you go see a movie this summer see this one 1st. its just so crazy i cant tell you. just see it. its crazy. CRAZYY!:eek:
  2. It's out?

    Good i want to see this shit. They fucked up the original two. Doesn't follow the comics at all.

    Where the fuck is Beast? can somebody please tell me?

    He was there since the beginning in the comics!

    They just omitted his very existence!
  3. Did you stay for the scene after the credits?
  4. the beast is in it and he's bad ass. and what happens after the credits?
  5. it wasnt that good. actually excluding fight scenes which were awesome, the story sucked.

    Rasta Man, if youre looking for comic book accuracy, save your money. they just took characters and put them into a trilogy.

    also, i heard the original Marvel creators arent seeing a penny from these movies. gay.

    edit: they neglected the awesomeness of having nightcrawler in full regala. gay and a half.
  6. i loved the first two. it kind of reminds of the whole issue of race wars around the world. some peope want equality and some people don't. they actually kind of tied it in with the storyline cause in the first one we saw in a flashback that magneto was a kid in a concentration camp when he learned about his powers. i remember watching the trailer and magneto was just like "OH THEY DONT LIKE US, HUH? WELL GUESS WHAT WERE GONNA FUCK EM UP" and everyone was like "YEAHHHHHH"
  7. I'm the juggernaut Bitch! :p

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