The Last Of Us (Ps3)

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    Anyone excited for this game? 
    A multiplayer trailer just got released recently and here it is..

    Looks to me like just kind of a standard team deathmatch thing going on... if that is the case and the only form of multiplayer is what is shown in the video then that is a huge fail.  If there is not a multiplayer mode where you survive versus zombies then whats the point of even putting a multiplayer feature into the game? I mean... Right?  Really though sometimes I feel like game developers TRY to forget the simplest of ideas into their games.

  2. i just played the demo and the game feels REALLY good. creepy atmosphere and good dialogue.
    demo was only about 10 minutes and i died a bunch of times before i figured out exactly how to approach the enemies with super low ammo. it almost feels like a throwback to true survival horror games mixed with platforming elements and an interesting story.
    i plan on getting it on the 14th

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