The Last Joint

Discussion in 'General' started by DonnieDanko, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Well tonight ill be smoking my last joint for a while and tommarow morning two fat

    bowls before school. Tommarow I start gay ass school and my parents are really on

    to me about smoking pot. So i guess im gonna chill out for a while. No im not quiting

    (fuk that never) im just gonna chill out for a few weeks show some decent

    grades cause im supposed to get my first and brand new car this december and the

    last thing i want is to fuk that up cause they find shit on me or watever. Im not really

    taking a break cause of school cause last year was all smoke and the grades were fine

    the grades werent effected at all. The main reason is having to deal with getting

    caught and not gettting the sweet ass car lol.

    Ill still be on here tho and knowing me ill proably still be tokin but watever lets see

    what happens from here.

    P.S. after i smoke this joint outside ima come inside and watch Cheech and Chongs "Up In Smoke" gotta go out with a bang or at least a badass movie like this one.

  2. what kind of car you getting?
  3. Mustang GT but my dads been bugging me to get a truck instead but fuk that ive

    been driving a truck for 2 years now.
  4. Tight, you gonna get the saleen or what?

    Got myself a toyota supra turbo, and a ford ranger right now, God that supra is so awsome. Shit makes me giggle and smile just thinkin about driving that bitch :D
  5. naa bro just a v8 GT but igot some money saved up soo i wanna get it some black cobra rims and the covers for the rear windows maybe some stripes down the middle depending on the color altough i really like the grabber orange and that dark charcoal looking silver is also badass.
  6. ehh, just remember bright colors are eye magnets, meaning cop magnets also.

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