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The Last Fishing Trip

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. HIGH All, the last fishing trip when I wrecked my van and canoe which took two tow trucks and $150.00 later to pull me out of a ravine I went into.

    A very busy beaver out logging.

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  2. HIGH All, ok I'll put a pussy beside the tree to show how big a job that's left. We'll have to go back soon and see if it knocked it down.

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  3. HIGH All, this river that flows into Fry Lake brings in the big trout. The second time my 28-pound thrust Minn Koto had been used.

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  4. HIGH All, aaaaahhhhh nothing like getting a roaring fire going to warm up the ol' bones.

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  5. HIGH All, and what we were catching that day. Kokanee a land-locked sockeye salmon that was introduced into several lakes and reservoirs in western North America in the mid-1940s. This is about big they get. But I hear they are one tasty fish.

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  6. HIGH All, Drina's favorite position when taken over the couch. Right from a puppy she took over the couch (I'm sure critters knows what I'm talking about) and now there's noway you're moving her.

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