the last few weeks have been funny

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  1. well i got 2 stories . The first one happened a weeks ago and the secong one happened like 4 or 5 days ago.

    A couple friends came to my house. Our intentions were to bust off the guns ( sk, .44 magnum rifle, .357 , and the 12 guage ) and get drunk/high, but it didnt go as planned lol. We busted off like 60 rounds and went back to my house. When we got to the driveway my friend decides to shoot his .357 which is the loudest of the guns we shot. 2 seconds later i got 9 or 10 cops at my door. We got weed on the table, grinders, bowls, and 1 girl whos an underage drinker. They took my friends guns and ran em through the system . Thank god they were clean. They let my brother crush his bowl without gettin a ticket. They took 4 roaches. Have no idea what they did with those. They didnt do anything with my grinder. Guess they didnt notice it was a grinder. Long story short after all that none of us were arrested or ticketed. Never seen a cool cop before lol. And i never heard of it being illegal to shoot within 500 meters of a house. After the cops left my friend tried to empty his .357 but it wouldnt open cause the hammer was pulled back. So he shot it, and my other friends gf started blankin and beatin his ass lmao. She was scared shitless that the cops were gonnna come back. Cant blame her tho cause it could of been worse.

    Now for the second one lol.
    This black dude has been shortin my eighth sacks by a gram a few times. So we set him up and get him to meet us at a gas station for another eighth. He pulls up and gets out his car and goes on passenger side and handed us the bag. I was thinkin in my head ( that mother fucker shorted it again). So we sped off and he held on the car and fell off in front of everyone lol. Karmas a bitch.
  2. I pray for the sake of humanity you live on a farm or something and not somewhere populated.
  3. So your retarded friend shoots off live ammunition recklessly and you guys stole some bud from your dealer.

    cool bro
  4. i live in the country and i took back everything he shorted me over the past few weeks. Got my lick back. Im satisfied. Oh and everyone around here shoots there guns all the time so why shouldnt i shoot mine off
  5. Op ? [ame][/ame]
  6. lol the guy who held on to my car didnt hang on like that haha.
  7. bad karma bro for the robbery

    naw jk

    I've done much worse

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