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the last 3 presidents

Discussion in 'General' started by NaughtyDread, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. so out of the last 3 presidents weve had, honestly and it doesnt matter your party afiliation, who did you consider to be the best of the 3 screw ups?

    i vote William Clinton, boy is he one cool laid back cat. George W. well, we all know about him. the other George, he was just an idiot.

  2. The best at what?
  3. I believe that Bill Clinton did a better job than either bush. I can't wait to get that guy out of office. Don't get me wrong, George W. seems like a cool guy to drink a beer and smoke a bowl with but not running the freaking country!
  4. I think that George W. Bush has done the best out of those three. I dont want to argue with anyone here, as I am a hardcore conservative and I am thinking most of you are not. I agree with IMMothership that clinton is horrible. I think he could quite possibly be our worst president ever.
  5. gonna have to go with clinton. the worst thing he did was splooge on his secretary. and atlest he did manage the economy well. dubya has pissed off most of the world, lost millions of americans their jobs, and passed ignorant tax cuts that mostly benefit the already wealthy. oh yeah, and lets not forget that he went awol during his brief service in the airforce. yep.
  6. Clinton..he was able to boost our economy and foreign relations..although theres nothing left to show of it because george dubya has succesfully fucked everything the clinton administration did up....

    maybe if the republicans didn't force clinton to spend the last half of his term in office jibber jabbering over a cum stain we could have gotten somewhere

  7. w3rd

    Clinton did a good job with the economy, everything was pretty chill and alot of people were doing very well. Hell even gas was dirt cheap. I use to pay 99 cents for premium gas in 98. That was awsome, I could afford to drive my old Z28 camaro.
  8. fuckin arkies and cowboys lol no wonder this countrys all fucked up

  9. GOP 4 LYFE
  10. i really cant agree that Bill was a bad president, he created jobs, he did well with forein relations, and he made a human error, lied and admited later he was wrong. George DoobleU just scares the hell out of me. i used to live overseas and i enjoyed being an american and liked! now, i wouldnt feel comfortable trying to go anywhere in the world because of the damage he has done. he has completely destroyed relations with the rest of the world, alienated us. people hate us, nations hate us. we cant even get help in iraq because of Georges policies. he is so wrong and he still wont admit it. i understand we need to protect ourselves, but we do not need to force our ways on anyone especially the middle east. i lived there for 2 years, until you get out there and learn the people the culture, you will learn that you just cant force an ideal on a people. i dont want to live as isolationist
  11. Clinton was hell of a lot cooler than either of the Bush's. My least favorite has to be George W.

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