The last 2012 challange

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  1. Who has the biggest ice cycles? I'll go take my pic and post in a few.
  2. haha nobody commented!
  3. Iv never grown anything before in my life lol...Iv Read majuana outdoors guerilla growing by Jorge Cervantes and got a basic plan of how I'm going to do it but want some experienced advice ? I'm going to be growing outdoors in West Sussex in uk. I'm going to germinate my seeds in plates then plant them in there perment homes 15 liter pots filled with organic soil then I'm going to plant them in my locations and fertilise with bio biz grow followed by bio bizz bloom and going to use a bio bizz leaf coat for pests about 3-4 tins throughout the grow. There's millions of strains and I still haven't decided on one yet as I want a reliable big yielding strain that doesn't require to much work. Any advice or pointers where in going to go wrong will be appriciated please help ???

  4. why do you post the same thing so many times, we got it, you've never grown before, ok! Maybe you could read the stickies or other books :rolleyes:

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