The lady bug?

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  1. I don't have much of if any pest problem at all just curious if anyone has ever introduced a lady bug to their indoor grow operation?

    If its not broken don't fix it? But I'm seeing lady bugs everywhere outside just curious.

    What bugs are they supposed to kill? All?

    Lady bugs help
    Fact or fiction?

    Thanks for info.
  2. Many times lol I'd rather puff a little lady bug shit here and there than have a crop lost to pests, they spend half their awake time foraging for insects the other half mating so lady bugs are a great organic peat choice, they eat a number of bugs but namely for weed they eat aphids and spider mites
  3. I had a bunch in my attic a couple of months ago....I'll have to start a lil lady bug farm.
  4. To me they seem pretty useless. I have a spider mite problem and let around 1500 ladybugs free im my closet grow room. 90% of them died by drowning in the runoff or up in the hps cool tubes. The other 10% just walk around the pots rims and literally walk directly over the spider mite traffic and do nothing. Fuck spider mites.
  5. just curious where do u acquire 1500 lady bugs lol?
  6. lol thats too bad damn lazy lady bugs
  7. Garden supply stores sell them usually kept in a fridge
  8. Well Lady bugs are predators so yeah, if you have a pest problem they could potentially help. I suppose that prevention is better than cure, too, so it can't hurt to introduce some into the grow space. Though, of course, lady bugs wouldn't kill every pest..

    There are other predators, too. Heaps, actually, though I don't know if many are available from places like garden centers. If you see a praying mantis though, commission it. They're bad ass.
  9. lol, i have my closet setup for abt 2 months now and no sign of any living insects now
  10. Im pretty sure I inherited my spider mites from a clone i bought from a dispensary. The things multiply like crazy. Lady bugs won't wipe out a spider mite infestation, but may prevent them from starting in the first place. These fucking spider mites are building construction sites on my plants, looks like a big city that has various construction on the top of the skyscrapers, fml.
  11. damn brotha yah I was thinking preemptively I passed on a praying mantis just the other day. will have to keep a mind out and put a few in their maybe how they gonna survive without pests though? Im growing in coco no need yet, i've noticed 2-3 outside leafs throughout the whole grow might have been chewed and I'd like to contribute it to the ear wig I killed in the hall way.
  12. Lady bugs are great at protecting your girls from infestation. I've also herd praying mantis are good as well. They are territorial so you need one per plant and they make it their home, fuck another bug tryna chill there.
  13. How often must a praying mantis eat to stay alive:confused:

  14. I've tried lady bugs they suck for mites they thrive on aphids tho, spend a lil extra on predator mites, they live to eat mites. 50$ will get you 1000 shipped.
  15. i hope i'll never have to deal with these bastards

  16. I'd like to know more about this. As much as you know please.
  17. I know none of us like to spray shit on our ladies but Orange Guard is a citrus oil that works amazing. I had the mite construction zone starting on my towers and one treatment I see know more signs. Kills eggs as well. A couple treatments per crop and your golden.
  18. The internet cam tell you more about the predators than I can. All I know is mites is all they eat and they breed faster too. Once they've eaten the mites they die off.
  19. Neem oil is the BEST bug preventative out there for our plants, is give a lustrous shine to leaves at the same time it deters insects yet it doesn't clog stomata in the leaves making it easy to folar feed while using neem, it works better than anything, I've had spidermites attack a sunflower in my greenhouse 3 feet away from my godbud that was treated with neem and lo ad behold not a single bud
  20. I've used sprays and neem,sprays with neem,soaps and lady bugs. Predators do the job and I'm not left with soap and oil all over my plants. And I really don't like the spraying of my buds and the leaves that will be made into bubble hash. I did use a soap spray on the outside of my tent and ALLL over my room to try and prevent mites from returning.

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