The Ladies in their Final Pots

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  1. A pic taken this morning 15 June 06 of my 4 girls transplanted into the pots they will veg and flower in. Three in 11 UKgallon pots, one in the last remaining 7.5 gallon pot.

    They are in order left to right of when they were transplanted, the biggest one on the left showed sex first and so got transplanted first.

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  2. very nice indeed fly, how old are they? i think i remember they were a couple of weeks older than mine which are 5 weeks. mine are no way near as big as that but i have been slacking a bit. the soil im growing in is potting soil mixed with a bit of sand and im using Universal Fertilizante. also there wasnt enough soil to go round so there probably isnt enough soil for good growth. now i have some spare cash so im going to buy more, also theres two big piles of goat shit at the back of my house. its been there since i moved in growing gradually as next door keep goats and clean the shit out and throw it on the pile. will this be any good to use? or mix it in with the soil or what?
  3. About 7 weeks since my seeds hit the glass of water.

    Be careful with manure, goat shit will be good stuff, but make sure it is well rotted. Has it been there for 6 months? Unrotted manure can cause fatal root burn. If it is rotted mix it in your compost, I would say about 1 shovel in 6.

    I bought Abono Organico - peat based compost with some horse shit added, mixed that with sand and volcanic rock for drainage, and added a few handfuls of those round fert granules.

    My liquid ferts will be my comfrey fert, supplemented by BioCanna.

    Now them ladies can soak up the summer sun and GROW.
  4. thats nice and well organised. next year i also might be organised. its my 1st time growing outdoors and 1st time growing in spain so i'll live and learn im sure.

    the goat shit has been there for about 2 and a half years at least. thats when i moved here, so im not worried about it not being rotted enough!

    where did you get the Bio Canna from and how much is it? you say in another thread its pricey.

    thanks and good luck with your grow

  5. OK, use the goat shit.

    The BioCanna is stocked in a couple of garden centres here. Comes in Crecimiento and Floracion versions. About €9 a bottle.
  6. Very healthy looking plants. They do look well cared for......:p Peace brotha' , TBug
  7. Thanks for your kind comments
  8. nice plants :)
  9. Lookin good bro Lookin good. JOE>
  10. Thanks everyone.
  11. Boy those have really grown since the last pics I seen of them. They are the same ones right?
    I found a organic plant food that has 8% N - 7% P- 6%P
    It says you can use it daily and it won't harm the plants. Will you give me your input?
  12. hey, noice plants.

    k heres a question that involves my grow,

    i was given hermie seeds, and grew some of them, dont know which ones tho cos i have about 20 plants all mixed together. today i found a plant with a bunch of sacs, no pistils yet, so i was wondering if it would be strictly a male plant, or one of my hermies, how could i tell if it were strictly male or a hermie? it is about a foot tall, with 4 or 5 tops, each top has sacs. ill post pics if needed, if it's strictly male im goin to use it to do a controlled pollination of some of my females, to get seeds galore. for next year, mmmmm blueberry. if it's hermie, then i'll just chuck it, cos i dont want genetic hermie seeds. and if u ask why i grew it in the first place, it's cos theres a 50/50 hermie to female chance, and i had no other seeds to use. this is so far is the only male sex plant i've found out of about 80. pretty good huh. well i havent been able to sex about half of them so they might turn male on me. time will tell.
  13. by hermie seeds do you mean seeds produced by a hermie? if so they are feminized seeds
  14. Boy those have really grown since the last pics I seen of them. They are the same ones right?
    I found a organic plant food that has 8% N - 7% P- 6%P
    It says you can use it daily and it won't harm the plants. Will you give me your input?

  15. No, these are the first pics I have posted of this year´s grow. Must have been someone else.

    The fert will be good for vegging. I would still use it every other day, with one day of just water.

    Look for something with higher K for flowering.
  16. and long awaited! i was looking forward to getting a look at your plants
  17. Yeah, sorry about that.
  18. right well, im off again to try and find some females, please let it be lord! btw i think you could have been right, its getting more and more anoying carrying 22 litres of water to my site everyday. i suppose i'll be built like a brick-shit-house come the end of the season though so its not all bad, then i can relax and smoke some bud :D
  19. LOL, an old man like me would never manage it!!

    22 litres a day now?? Jeez that´s very nearly 5 gallons.

    Bet it will be 3 times that come the heat of August.

    Good luck with the females.
  20. thanks for calling us dull, no you dont have to explain it a 3rd time, and seeds from a hermie plant are feminized. but your question... sounds male to me, female flowers usually show first on hermie's

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