The kid's birthday party.

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  1. I guess its about time I shared the results of my offspring's birthday party with you all. I've PM'ed several of you and told some details but it's better to share with all than keep for yourself.

    My son turned seven recently and Mrs. Puff wanted to throw a real big wing ding for the brat. He's a good boy but much too like his dad for his own good. Good looking, smart as a whip, a smile that would melt a glacier, and can charm the panties off a nun. I said OK let's blow the first grade out.

    So for over a month now, what little free time I've had (as well as money) has been getting the house, farm, and pond ready for the party, The wife (Martha Stewart wannabe) picked a "county fair" theme. We fixed up games from the fair for the kids to play and to win prizes, had hotdogs, ice cream, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, etc to eat. She even went to the restaurant supply store and bought the concession type paraphanalia to serve the food in. We got hot dog envelopes, paper shells for the nachos, etc. Everything looked real authentic.

    We also had fishing for the city kids who never get a chance to go. I got out and rigged all my poles and rods, and bought about 400 crickets for bait. My buddy showed up with 6 extra rods for the kiddies to use.

    I bought 20 bales of hay to use as seats, etc. around the "fair". And then I pulled a wagon behind my tractor for hayrides.

    I had to take half a day off work to get everything set-up the day before and still was setting everything up when the party started. Iced down 3 cases of beer and 2 gallons of wine for the parents, 150 kool-aid drinks, 2 cases of bottled water, and a case of cokes the morning before everyone came.

    Oh I forgot! My wife invited every kid in his classroom to come, along with other kids he's friends with. With associated brothers/sisters, moms/dads, we had a total of over 65 people at my house for the party. Yeah 65 peopel with at least 40of them under ten years old.

    We had fun, me and mom had a quick toke before and a looooong session afterwards. Everyone had fun, especially the dads who enjoyed the fishing and three cases of beer. The moms enjoyed the wine and really bragged to my wife on how a good job she did putting the party together.

    Me, I'm still worn out from setting up, running, and cleaning up the "fair"! I just hope that next year Mrs. Puff doesn't want to top it.

    P.S. if you are ever out in the country and want to go brim fishing, hayriding, or sitting around a bonfire, just stop at the house with the big hillbilly wearing a hawaiian shirt and sipping on a fruitopia. He'll tell you to come on in.
  2. man! that sure makes me glad i didnt try braggin on our we 7 yrold ParTay! 12 secondgrader girls several going over the slippery point of return and busting there asses, thank gwd my kids havent gone to a party like your shindig, bowling would never be the same. awesome job pops and mom
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  3. Wow! Sounds like a great time was had by all. After having that many people at my house I think I'd need a long session too. I'm glad you had fun.

  4. Lol..I know what you mean!
  5. lol, sounds like work. hope everyone had a good time.

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