The Keys to Heaven

Discussion in 'General' started by AggieSmoker, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. This friday night two friends and I plan on eating some San pedro cactus, we have done a TON of research on the subject and believe we got the jist of whats going on. I think the coolest thing in the world is how San Pedro got its name, the cactus, like St. Peter, is thought to hold the keys to heaven. We are buying a cactus from a local nursery that is 3 potted cactuses each around 18-24" and about 3" diameter. We are gonna trip in my friends room then move out to his yard as the trip progresses. Any suggestions? Anyone done this? Also we will have two people that are gonna be tripping shrooms at the same time, should be fun all around.

    edit: I already know about erowid and most other internet sites.
  2. is san pedro like peyote?
  3. i've never heard of eating cactus. lol.........ouch
  4. ^
    never done it before, but im sure you take the prickers off before you shove em in your mouth :p
  5. We have the right kind, San pedro Cactus Tricocerius Pachanoi, I believe. We are gonna peal about 10 inches a piece and put it in a blender and then wash all that down with grapefruit juice cause the cactus is supposed to be some of the worst tasting stuff in the world. It ia also supposed ot be one of the best trips ever, its was Aldous Huxley was influenced by when he wrote The Doors of Perception.
  6. yes san pedro (mescaline containing cactus) is supposed to be one of the greatest trips there is. but id recommend not tripping with too many people.. id say 3 at max. 2-3 is the perfect number. also, shrooms will wear off way before mescaline will, so be prepared to be around sober people while tripping (which sucks balls). enjoy and post back, i hear its intense yet very gentle at the same time. i plan on tryin it this summer.
  7. Yea, let us know how it goes. I might try this during the summer as well, it's around here too, in a head shop and not too expensive either.
  8. The Key To Gramercy Park!


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