The Kennedy Assassination: Where do you stand?

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  1. These two are in perpetual war. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. This topic is relevant because the promised land is not the current borders. Look at what Torah defines as the promised borders. It’s much much larger. Northern Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, parts of Iraq I think, and much more. Grab your Old Testament and you’ll see that it’s ALL of the land between the Two great rivers.
  2. Woody Harelson’s dad was involved. The patsy believed he was on the abort team which was tasked with STOPPING the assassination. Have some more Fruit Loops with the propaganda. It’s a bizarre world.
  3. To this day the Israeli government refuse to define their borders. Look it up.
  4. Yeah man. I wish it were a simple world of growing, smoking, and nonsense but I can never resist a serious topic.
  5. Torah defines the borders
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  6. yeh, ive been a student of that reference for several decades. if G*d did in fact bequeath all that land to the jewish people then at this stage of world development G*d should dispatch his angels to make it so. were it not for the fall of the Ottoman Empire and subsequent British Balfour Declaration the borders of what today is known as israel would not exist.
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    A Zionist interpretation of prophecy is that they would return minus a burnt offering of 6. Holocaust = burnt offering. Zionist nationalists were conspiring with Nazis. Why does the z have the spoken sound of TZ? Like Itzhak? Tzaddi. There is no such thing as a “Nazi”. But there are AshkenNazis. The Germ mans of Zionist nationalism were NSDAP. National Socialists. A Golem creation of mud. The “final solution” was the final solution to settling a shitty desert with the money and Judaic people of Europe who wanted nothing to do with it until a collusion shitstorm was created by ruthless nationalists who sacrificed their own people to their evil god who settles for nothing less than the burning fragrance of the flesh of mankind. I refer you to the story in Genesis and Cains’ offering of vegetables, which displeased this aspect of God and is honered by the Zionist element.

  8. ok. i do appreciate your and smokinp's sharing the potential israeli nuclear program and jfk's and rfk's murders. i'm going to check than angle out via those books referenced in the link prior.

    as for the other notes i respect your knowledge on the subject. no other place on the plant suffers as much turmoil as the ME. i wish it were not so.
  9. “And I will set your border from the Red Sea to the Sea of the Philistines (Mediterranean) and from the wilderness to the Euphrates, for I will give the inhabitants of the land into your hand, and you shall drive them out before you.” -Exodus 23:31
  10. I for one honored JFK on 11/22 with a FB post. For whatever it was worth
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  11. Thanks for the link. I was into some beers last night and not reading so well. Today I looked up the wiki on Yigal Amir. The assassin of Rabin. That is where I originally learned about the orthodox law of din rodef about a year ago. The page seems to have been edited since then. It doesn’t mention din rodef anymore but only says that his defense was based on “religious grounds.” Sometimes I get a confirmation of a crazy idea.
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