The Kennedy Assassination: Where do you stand?

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  1. I don't want to put words in people's mouths but I am guessing he means that Kennedy was sick and would have died soon so history would have played out the same way regardless.

    I personally do not believe his health was so bad he would have died in office, but he definitely had problems
  2. you can always shoot me a PM if you feel like it. I'd be interested.
  3. LOL no I haven't said or implied that at all. My OP was just stating the fact that his assassination probably didn't really matter that much because he was terribly sick and fucked up on powerful drugs everyday. He most likely would have died within a short time anyways. That's the only point I ever made about his sickness. I could give two shits about silver backs and unproven conspiracy nonsense. I never meant to be involved in this thread, other than state he was dying already. One blade said he wasn't sick and that pulled me back in.
  4. it just occurred to me 10 mins ago that November 22, 2020, came and went, and there were no headlines in remembrance of the murder of JFK. i'm guilty for not remembering.

    so, the cancel culture and screaming covid commentary has effectively wiped our collective memory clean of one of the most defining moments in American history. to the credit of the Irish an Irish Central web site ran article about it on Sunday. JFK had Irish roots.

    "we" all are losing "it". the new "invisble enemy" that is shaping the globe for whatever is coming next has overshadowed the murder of the POTUS on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, TX. let NONE of us ever forget that the true enemy is from within.
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  6. much respect to the Irish and their current day stuggles. i can empathize with the nationalists. there's but one more story from history we could all learn from.

    let's not forget either that JFK was murdered.
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  8. Trump was the second shooter

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  9. I have an interesting theory on who really got JFK. It’s not very popular and incites bad feelings and violent hatred. It wasn’t the patsy, Cubans, or the Mafia. Hint- When he was declared “The Pursuer” of their nuclear program his days were numbered in months.
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  10. Israel.
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  11. i have not heard of this theory. who is "their nuclear program"?

    imo the only theory that incites me is the official narrative. share a thumbnail sketch of yours.
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  12. It’s my personal theory and I doubt you’ll find it online but earlier in the year of 1963 Kennedy shit bricks when he found out that Israel had a nuke program. He was trying to keep the military industrial complex from blowing up the world. He was declared a pursuer under the orthodox Judaic law of din rodef. He was once a friend to Israel and even helped them get around international law to obtain shipments of conventional weapons earlier than legally allowed. The shooter of Yitzhak Rabin tried to use din rodef as a defense. JFK Jr learned of that. He was in the process of investigating the parallels in both assassinations for his magazine and he got it also.
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  13. great read! there's a couple of book references i need to check out. i previously had connected a lot of those dots but had not been aware of that bit of israeli involvement especially the bit about the nuclear program. very interesting and thanks for sharing that link.
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  14. I think what Jr picked up on were the parallels in Robert/Rabin assasinations which led him to conclusions. Iran is probably pissed because of the hypocrisy. Voltaire said to look at those who you can’t criticize. My disclaimer is that there is a difference between the Jewish people and Israel. It has been engaged in ruthless nationalism and empire building since the late 1800s.
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  15. With you 100%. The Jewish people are noble and honourable and deserve our respect for what they’ve endured throughout the ages. Israel is a Zionist creation and I believe in my heart that the vast majority of Jews who’ve relocated there have done so with honourable intentions. Sadly their leaders have profited from this trauma to allow them to pursue their own agendas.
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  16. I’m usually hesitant to express this because I don’t want to be associated with white supremacy assholes. They brought and kept the stories and secrets of the old world and deserve respect.
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  17. It was Oswald, in the Book Depository with a Mannlicher Carcano.

  18. thanks for the thoughts on this matter. as i said previously i had never heard of the nuclear angle. if true it goes a long way to explain why the files have never been completely opened. i have to admit i've been down many a rabbit hole on this subject and have never exited one feeling satisfied.

    this could be a good one! and for the record i have no position on zionism other than perhaps, "ok. enough is enough. where does it end with you people?".

    did you guys know that there are tv commercials in the US that run for ~2 mins asking for donations to feed the world's disenfranchised jewish people? on my cable service anyway. that may be true and valid as a cause but zionism, meh, that's not a cause i'm interested in championing.

    i think the Palestinian people are beyond suffering and i support a peaceful and just future for them. "enough is enough".
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