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The Kennedy Assassination: Where do you stand?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lenny., Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Just wondering where you guys stand on it. It seems that, people who do not consider themselves as conspiracy theorists normally even raise an eyebrow at the Kennedy assassination.

    What do you think really happened, what evidence do you claim?
    Is it just too convenient that Oswald was killed?
  2. You should all be very well aware that JFK took a stance that was against the Federal Reserve banking system.

    He knew how the central bank had been manipulating the U.S. currency, and was privately owned by a banking cartel, and was openly ready to abolish it. He and his brother both had a message of peace and unity.

    The corporate, banker backed "New World Order" that ran (and still runs) The U.S. economy, military, and law enforcement put a stop to this. I'm sure there were several shooters, these people handle these matters professionally they werent going to let him slip away alive. They had their shot and took it, and now every president after him has been a PUPPET serving their agenda.

    CIA? Possibly/probably. I do not believe Oswald did it. He was probably some sort of patsy or scapegoat for the media to pin it on.
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    I think someone shot him in the head.
    Castro may have had it done. The KGB could have done it. A mob boss may have. Or a lone gunman with a bone to pick did it.
  4. do you know he's dead? There are lame theories out there that he got fucked up but didn't die. But I guess that theory is as good as the NWO doing it. Which one did it...Scott Hall or Kevin Nash?
  5. [​IMG]

    These guys did it.
  6. It was staged

  7. Just like pro wrestling, right? Somehow the guys above you are now looking more guilty as we speak.
  8. Sadly, you americans have no worries of obama being shot for any reasons like lightupbong mentioned:mad:
  9. The answer to "Who shot JFK ?" lies i believe in what has happened since.

    Who has gained the most from Kennedy's untimely death ?

  10. I wouldn't mind so much but then Biden would then be in charge and that's a real nightmare.
  11. Mr. Holmes, you have discovered something amazing.
  12. I was watching Jesse venturas show about it. Apparently they have linked like 3 or 4 succeeding presidents to the assassination.

    It would make sense that you would get rewarded, basically installed as a puppet president
  13. JFK was so ill and so pumped full of drugs all the time, that he would have died within a short time anyways or collapsed. Few are aware how sick he was, and that he got daily injections of amphetamines and pain killers, steroids, sleeping aids, barbituates, etc.. to deal with his problems. His assassination just brought the end a little faster.
  14. Haven't you guys ever seen the Whitest Kids U' Know? Oswald was going to kill Kennedy, put up to it by LBJ, but due to a simultaneous soliloquy between Kennedy and Oswald was not able to get off his shot before the "real" assassin(s).

  15. The bullet was truly magic, we've know about magic for some 2000 years.
  16. I voted other.

    As with all assassinations it was a conspiracy to achieve or prevent certain interests.

    Maybe it was CIA but if it was someone was at the head

  17. Him and his brother were banging Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor on a regular basis. I doubt he was too sick.

  18. Yea right. Maybe the Pope was involved as well. And Jimmy Hoffa too,
  19. And then there is the Big Bird conspiracy that we haven't even discussed yet. Kennedy wanted to limit the import of cookies into the US and this really pissed off the Cookie Monster. A side deal with Big Bird resulted in the Power Puff girls whacking JFK from several angles. Case closed.
  20. I think the elite assassinated him, because he was introducing the silver-backs. And that was against their agenda...

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