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The karma worked!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. My mom had a tripple bypass today.. She came through it great as of now... She will have a lot of recovery to go through but it looks real promising...

    You are the greatest people!!!!!
  2. good luck and good karma for the rest of the journey now that the hardest is past now.
  3. good deal, glad that she came through strong
  4. BH, you must have known eveything was going to be allright, cause I sure knew it!!! ;) ;)

    glad to hear it the good news!! :)
  5. Yea I knew it was going to be OK... I just have learned to believe what I see....
  6. good luck with her, hope she has a freakishley quick recover, wish her luck for me!
  7. Glad to hear it's to a speedy and thorough recovery :D
  8. Prayers are w/you, mama & your family, I take care of my disabled sweet mama & her heart is bad. IN 95, she had 2 valvues replaced & I saw her 15min outta surgery! A trip indeedy! Good luck & don't forget to BREATHE!
  9. That's amazing, Bud Head! The power of stoner ~karma~ is unreal. I'm so happy for you, your mother and your family.
  10. ofc the karma worked :p

    My grandpa had a 5x bypass (dont know the name of 5 :p)
    a few weeks ago.
    Did the hospital give your mom one of them lil heart pillows to hold n reduce pressure on her chest when she coughs or such?
  11. right on budhead! i'm really happy to hear that! i'll keep sending ya karma for a bit!
  12. glad 2 hear that BH, ill keep sendin karma.... hope all stays well
  13. Glad the surgery went's lots of good karma for the recovery as well.
  14. Up date
    She is doing extremely well!

    They took her out of intensive care and put her in a private room today. They removed all the tubes and all she has is an IV in her arm...

    Styles....... The give her a fluffo pillow to hold when she coughs... She calls it her bear hug pillow..

    All in all she is doing great... May even get to come home friday or saturday!

    I plan on spending alot of my time staying with her in the evenings when she gets home! I may have to be at the city a little less for a while..

    My dad had a tripple bypass back five years ago Feb 14th... We had to sit with him for about 5 months....

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